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Here’s how to introduce yourself like a pro

Make that first impression count with tips by Hannah Siegertsz


“Your net worth is your network”. Let that sink in. Yes, it’s true — building a solid network is important as you progress in your professional life. But to expand the said network, make new friends and contacts you need to make a good first impression. How do you do that? You learn how to pitch yourself. Hannah SiegertszFounder & CEO of Pair Partners has pretty much figured out how to do this. Here are her top tips.


Why learning to pitch yourself is an important skill to have

Introducing yourself succinctly to someone you just met will make or break how that person remembers you. Will you be instantly memorable or easily forgettable? “People who can introduce themselves with confidence, excitement and consistency, stand out,” enthuses Hannah. “Ask yourself, ‘Do you want to be known as an average person all your life?’ You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it count!”

The key components for the perfect pitch

Hannah explains that there are three components to a great pitch: 1) be interested, 2) be interesting and 3) mirror the person. “Your pitch is very important but how you make the person feel is even more important,” she says. “When someone feels a genuine connection during a conversation, they are more likely to remember you. So, be interested in the person, be interesting yourself, and mirror the person.” Rest assured you’ll be that much closer to nailing your intro.

“When someone feels a genuine connection during a conversation, they are more likely to remember you”

Repurpose your pitch

Depending on who you are introducing yourself too (think a potential client or a friend of a friend at a cocktail), pitch yourself differently. “Your pitch content needs to be relevant to the group that you are with,” explains Hannah. “ Just like adjusting to different communication styles is important, adapting to your atmosphere of people is just as necessary. Repurpose your pitch every single time, and remember, relevance is key.” 

Use technology to your advantage

With social distancing in place due to Covid-19, working from home and virtual events are fast becoming the new normal. Adapting is vital during this time as is choosing how you portray yourself online. “Adjusting to the new norm of technology is forcing most people to pivot and learn new skills. An under-rated yet massively important platform to be on is LinkedIn,” Hannah shares. “Don’t just have an account, but structure it in a way that makes you stand out.

Here are Hannah’s four main tips for LinkedIn

  • Don’t use LinkedIn like it’s Facebook. Keep all communication strictly business-related.
  • Upload a professional headshot. No, that photo of you and your dog will not cut it.
  • Consistency is key. Keep posting, commenting and liking.
  • Follow the LinkedIn Daily Rundown page. It gives you daily tips and news in the professional realm.

Aside from these, Hannah recommends joining or hosting digital meetups to meet new people and expand your circle of influence. “When you are at these meetings, dress to impress even if it’s just a computer camera. Be sure to turn your camera on. Every little detail helps to show how you take things seriously. Don’t forget, great leaders pay attention to detail,” she says. 

Practice makes perfect

A large part of slaying that intro is working up the guts to talk about yourself (on or off-line). Finding your voice may be a challenge, but not impossible. Practice your pitch every chance you get. “It sounds cliché to say, but it so true!” says Hannah. “Putting yourself in awkward situations to enhance your confidence will make you better each time. I love what Elon Musk says, ‘I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary’. It’s true, you can do anything you put your mind to, so believe in yourself, and you will do extraordinary things. 

Reach out to people you admire and ask for advice. After all, the worst thing that can happen is they say “no”, or they don’t respond. Find a mentor, ideally, in the field you are working in or aspiring to work in, and absorb all that they teach you. Think about how you want to be remembered and let that shape the way you live each day. Dress, speak and act with self-assurance, and before you know it, you’re as confident as Beyoncé!”


Hannah Siegertsz found her passion for pairing businesses with extraordinary talent. Her success is measured against metrics to verify results, streamlined processes, increased output, revenue enhancements and, most importantly, employee morale. She strives to help professionals raise their game in the workforce. As such, Pair Partners’ mission is to pair Sri Lankan businesses with extraordinary talent by providing highly skilled talent that partners on worldwide projects at an affordable price. They do this by bridging the gap between high costs and quality results.


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