The 101 on new skin and cosmetics brand, BeautybyRosh
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Everything you need to know about new skincare and make-up line, Beautybyrosh

Hint: It’s cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and very ethical. 


Bonafide make-up educator, Roshani Kumarasinghe, has taken her game up a few notches by releasing her own make-up and skincare range titled after her Instagram handle, Beautybyrosh. Her products sound promising and perfect for all us island girls. Rosh chatted with us on what we can expect from her new line. 


What inspired you to create a skincare and make-up line?

My love for beauty! I have always been someone who loves all things beauty. That’s why I quit running my own marketing company and switched to beauty blogging and YouTube. Since I started in 2016, I’ve grown and evolved so much—now, I’m more of a beauty educator than a blogger. I speak at various international expos and conferences, which I enjoy doing. But, I think my natural knack for business and marketing has played a huge role in pursuing my own skincare and cosmetics business. 

How long has this been in the pipelines and what were some challenges you’ve faced?

It’s been in the works for about a year now. Creating your products is a long and hands-on process. I am heavily involved in the product development, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing aspects of the line. I am and have always been someone who is involved with every tiny detail, and this was no different. I’ve dedicated days and hours to research and education to ensure I develop products that work and are backed by scientific evidence. 

Since we’re very ingredient-focused, I have been educating myself on ingredients and how they react with human skin. I made my skincare line together with a licensed cosmetic chemist in a lab here in Australia. The biggest challenge has been bringing everything together during COVID-19. It’s been difficult to get things done during a pandemic, but we persevered and we got everything done regardless of the challenges.


Beautybyrosh is an inclusive brand that caters to everyone regardless of ethnicity, race or colour

What is the ethos behind your brand?

We are a cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and ethical brand made in Australia. This was very important to me! I wanted to make sure we’re kind to nature and our furry friends. If you know me, then you know my love for dogs and all animals. And there was no way any animals were getting hurt in the making of my brand. 

It was also important to me we are a sustainable brand. As mentioned, we are very ingredients focused and spend a lot of time and resources on research and development to ensure our customers are getting the best ingredients in their skincare. We also made the line with no parabens and sulfates, and free of fragrance or essential oils, as many people have unknown sensitivity to fragrance in skincare. Beautybyrosh is an inclusive brand that caters to everyone regardless of ethnicity, race or colour.

Since Beautybyrosh is 100 per cent vegan, we don’t use animal by-products

Tell me more about the ethical and sustainable elements of the brand and why this is important to you.

From start to finish, our production line has these elements in mind. We source our ingredients ethically, and with all other processes like packaging, we try to use as many eco-friendly options as possible. Since Beautybyrosh is 100 per cent vegan, we don’t use animal by-products, such as beeswax. We’re also palm oil-free, as it is usually sourced recklessly — major palm oil suppliers are destroying our beautiful forests, and I want to give people the chance to avoid their products and take a stand. Palm oil is often collected via unsustainable deforestation that destroys the habitat of many animals, including endangered orangutans. Palm oil-free products are the way of the future if you want to stop deforestation and uphold animal rights. 


What types of skin and cosmetic products can we expect from Beautybyrosh?

Oooh! I like to keep that a surprise! However, I’ll give the Cosmo readers some hints I have revealed nowhere else. In our cosmetics line, our first product will be for the glam girls out there! It incorporates my love for glam eye make-up. You heard it first here! Our skincare range will have a product that suits dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone and mature skin! Yes! We are launching not one, but four products in our first launch of Beautybyrosh Skincare. 


When do you plan to release products? What price range would they be in and would Sri Lankans be able to get their hands on them?

They will launch here in Australia within the next two months and range between USD 25 and 50 (approx between Rs. 4,600 and 9,000). We’re hoping to have worldwide shipping via my website. We’re also hoping to retail in stores in both Australia and Sri Lanka once Covid-19 export bans are lifted. 

Find Rosh’s new brand on Instagram and on the web.

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