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Don’t Use the Song ‘If the World Was Ending’ as an Excuse to Text Your Ex

Just because the audio is all over TikTok doesn't mean your ex deserves attention

Let me get right to the point: Nothingand I truly mean nothing—will make your toxic ex care about you the way you want them to. It’s pretty much directly stated in the ‘Fuckboy Code of Ethics’ that thou shall not GAF about someone, zero exceptions.

…Which is exactly why it’s time to have a lil heart-to-heart with the people using JP Saxe’s song “If the World Was Ending” as an excuse to text their ex (or anyone else problematic for that matter).

Most recently, the song has been making its way as a major TikTok trend where users tell a story (whether fictional or actually true) using the audio to highlight a toxic or problematic relationship. Obviously, it has everyone in their feels—including Girls Gotta Eat podcast host Rayna Greenberg, who mentioned that she listened to the song on repeat one night while considering texting her ex.

Now don’t get me wrong, the song is an actual banger. It has almost 500K audio tracks on TikTok and is all over the FYP right now for a reason. But for anyone going through a rough breakup or just inadvertently using this time in quarantine to romanticize their past relationship because #bored, the lyrics aren’t doing anyone any favours.

“I know, you know, we know

You weren’t down for forever and it’s fine

I know, you know, we know

We weren’t meant for each other and it’s fine

But if the world was ending

You’d come over, right?”

Let’s dissect those lyrics for a second: You *both* know you’re not looking for the same thing and you *both* know you’re not meant for each other. But, oh yeah, come over like it’s NBD? Excuse me, what?

I mean, I do understand why people are getting in their feels because of it. (I personally have been single for five years, and this song even makes me want to be sad about someone.) And considering we’re in a bit of a world-ending-esque simulation ourselves, some people maybe find it comforting to give their ex a lil “WYD?” in the name of “Well, the world is ending anyway” mantra.

But using this song as a back-to-back playlist for your shower cry is different than actually texting The Person. And if I’m being honest, it isn’t going to make you feel better or make COVID-19 go away anytime sooner.

Maybe it’s earnest of me to say, but it’s easy to forget all the lows of your past when songs like JP’s are romanticizing an unhealthy relationship. (And BTW, I don’t think this was JP’s intent necessarily, just merely a coincidence that this song happened to drop right before city-wide lockdowns).

And if you’re stuck in your head or finding that you have a severe impulse to reach back out to someone, I’d encourage you to think about why you broke up in the first place. Was it because they gaslighted you? Jealousy issues? Manipulation?

Plus, do you actually, really want to reach back out to this person, or are you just bored and haven’t showered?

“Plus, do you actually, really want to reach back out to this person, or are you just bored and haven’t showered?”

Whatever the reason, there WAS a reason you two broke up in the first place. (And also probably in v normal circumstances when we could actually be within six feet of other people). So don’t lose sight of why this person is an ex. And why you’re so much better without them—yes, even when you’re stuck in your apartment through a global pandemic.

Most importantly, know that you also don’t need anyone to come over—regardless of whether the world is ending. I don’t know about you, but I’d personally much rather snooze by myself knowing the world is ending than go to bed with an anxiety-fueled chest rash that a fuckboy incited.

Just remember, while we are in the current depths of a year that doesn’t seem to be getting better any time soon, the world still isn’t ending. And at the end of the day, “If the World Was Ending” is just a song. Don’t text them.

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