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7 Netflix Series You Need To Binge-Watch RTFN

You won’t regret it!

Being indoors can take a serious toll on your mental health (thank goodness rules have relaxed, but wear your mask you’re out and about, ya’ll!). Take it from me, the only thing that has been saving me from spiralling out of control is diving into a fictional world which provides me with a brief escape from reality. Here are seven Netflix series you need to binge-watch right now.


  • The Vampire Diaries 

Yes, I was one of those people who promised herself that I’d never watch The Vampire Diaries, but now I have an unshakable, or maybe even an unhealthy, obsession over Ian Somerhalder. A group of teenagers who have little-to-no parent supervision running around with immortal beings who have smouldering good-looks? No doubt, a recipe for disaster. If you’re not going to watch it for the story (which you should), you should at least watch it for the great music. It’s totally worth it! 


  • Archer 

This American animated sitcom is bound to keep you entertained. Join Archer and his detective friends as they go on adventures, you couldn’t possibly imagine. Also fair warning, you may wanna put the kids to bed for this one! 


  • Sex Education

If you still haven’t watched this Netflix special, you need to seriously reconsider what you’ve been watching all this time. This drama-filled, coming-of-age series perfectly encapsulates the troubles of teenagehood and puberty while artistically dealing with mature subject matters such as depression. This TV show gets nothing but better with every single episode. 


  • That 70’s Show 

This highly underrated 70’s period sitcom is the perfect concoction if you’re in need of some love and laughter. The show that made Mila and Ashton a thing is one that is definitely worth watching. Even though this may be a story based in a different era across the other side of the world, the average Lankan gal can strangely relate to the characters. Trust me on this. 


  • Money Heist 

I personally haven’t gotten around to watching this blood-rushing crime series, but word on the street is that one episode can get you hooked. This epic video-game come to life is popular among gamer-boys, so this may be an ideal series to binge on if you’re a girl who loves to game. 


  • Peaky Blinders 

Another one that is quite popular but I haven’t gotten around to watching just yet. However, after a brief glimpse into the first episode (and assurance from my friends), I realized you need to stick this series through to really join this exclusive fan-club. The main character, Tommy Shelby, is apparently the “Most Walter White character since Walter White from Breaking Bad”. If this doesn’t convince you to get watching, I don’t know what will! 


  • The End Of The F*cking World 

This British dark comedy is the perfect mix of gory and comedy. This adaptation of the graphic novel by Charles Forsman is bound to leave you utterly speechless. A self-diagnosed psychopath and a teenage girl with her own issues make up for enough and more drama for you to be absolutely enthralled!  


Grab your popcorn, throw on your favourite Pajamas and dive into a world full of fiction and fun! 

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