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It Sure Looks Like Emma Stone Secretly Got Married to Dave McCary…

Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?

  • Fans are convinced that Emma Stone secretly married her fiancé, director Dave McCary.
  • Emma was spotted wearing a wedding band in a new interview and also made a very ~telling~ comment…

Surprise! Emma Stone secretly got married! Well, er, maybe—at least, that’s what some of her fans think. In case you forgot, Emma announced that she was engaged to Saturday Night Live segment director Dave McCary back in December. We haven’t heard much from them since (they’re a super private couple), but now thanks to a new video, internet sleuths are convinced that Emma and Dave quietly tied the knot.

Earlier this week, Emma joined Reese Witherspoon to speak about anxiety during quarantine for Reese’s Hello Sunshine YouTube channel. And during the chat, Emma wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. Instead, she wore a simple gold wedding band:


Then, later in video the conversation turned to marriage. Harold Koplewicz, MD, an expert who was joining Reese and Emma in the chat, said to Emma, “If you marry an anxious man, you’re going to have to know me the rest of my life.” Emma then replied in the past tense (suggesting she’s already married), saying, “Thankfully, I didn’t do that.”

Plus, according to British tabloid Metro, Emma and Dave were planning to get married in March but had to cancel the wedding because of coronavirus, which makes it seem more likely that they might go ahead and making things official anyway.

Understandably, Emma fans are kind of freaking out about the news, and tweeting things like:

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