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Fun, Easy-Peasy Make-Up Looks To Try During Quarantine

No professional qualification needed!


With a lot of free time on your hands, perfecting your make-up skills can pay off in the future.  Just imagine, after the whole madness is over, a friend texts you about this impromptu party, and you’re able to pull off this bombshell eye look in a matter of minutes. That’s the goal! Try to recreate these pretty easy looks now that you have a lot more time.

Outer-Corner Eyeliner

This is a subtle version of a cat-eye lewk. All you need is an eyeliner pencil to smudge out the outer-corners of your eye. We’d suggest that you prime and set your eyelids for a long-lasting effect.


Hot Pink Lips

Fuchsia is the new red. Try out this shade as your lippie, and snap a selfie during the golden hour. You can thank us later. Jokes aside, use a lip liner for definition, or even a blush with mild pink accents to own this lip drama.


Soap Brows

You’ve heard your friends talk about this and seen celebs killing this make-up trick, so now this is your time to try it! If you’re into effortless-yet-classy getups, this one’s for you. Stick your old (and clean) mascara brush into regular soap and brush up your eye-browns, then voilá, you’ve done it! To keep the brows in place, use a setting spray (we love the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray)!


White Eyeliner

Many may be sceptical about this, but we think it’s trend that won’t go out of style in a hurry. Take a white pencil to draw your liner on your upper lash line. You can wear the girl-next-door’s cat-eye or take it one step further and emulate Gigi Hadid’s look.  


The Art of Dewy Skin

The Korean make-up trend of having glass-like skin is a modern fantasy, but with the right combo, not difficult to pull off. There are various techniques to achieve glowing skin and face oils is one definite way. Apply this right before you put on your foundation for that dewy look.


Holographic smokey-eye

Dab on some iridescent eye shadow (or highlighter) for a fancy makeover. To give your look a little more oomph, draw on a cat-eye with a brown pencil on top of this.


The Euphoria Eye

The iconic make-up artist, Pat McGrath invented this artistic lewk that will make you look like you’re crying glitter. Although the TV show is credited for this, it was Pat who first started this during Anna Sui’s spring 2020 show. Never use craft glitter as it’s toxic, so opt for cosmetic glitter


Pops of Colour

Neons and bright blues are some options to consider. You can add it in the inner corner of your eye, as lipstick, or even as a blush. This is your time to experiment!


Goth-Punk Drag

This may or may not be your thing, regardless, give it a shot in your way. If you don’t have dark-hued lip stains like black, get creative by mixing red and maroon for a Goth look and feel.


Colourful French Tips

It’s this year’s fashion weeks’ biggest trend and it’s easier than it seems. Paint each nail in a cute colour, then draw on your French tips. You can stick to one shade or paint every nail in a different one — the choice is yours.

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