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Introducing Our First Digital-Only Edition

A letter from the editor


Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched the world, and certainly, our country, change. From social distancing to outright curfew, it’s safe to say that we’ve been living on edge. I know I have. For those of us who never worked outside of an office setting before, it was a new experience—finding a balance between household chores and actual work, figuring out a schedule that works and understanding when it was time to switch off. All the while constantly checking your phone for news updates.

Many of you dealt (and are still dealing) with anxiety or depression, experienced salary cuts or layoffs, and live separated from loved ones during this time. Some days it may feel like a win to get up, cook or workout, and other days, trying to get through your to-dos can leave you in tears. I get that it can be overwhelming. Our new way of life has changed a lot of things from how we work to how we interact with people to our outlook on life. It’s forced me to slow down, take a step back and re-evaluate what’s important—family, friends, a roof over our heads, and good health.

In the spirit of connecting (rather, reconnecting) with our wonderful Cosmo audience in a different way, we’re excited to launch our first digital-only edition! In it, our hope is to uplift and motivate you towards a happier future post-COVID. With a variety of topics across style, beauty, hustle, food, mind and body, the content will be inspiring, thought-provoking and, obvs, fun. You’ll get to learn a few new skills, brush up on your finances (yep, money matters, now more than ever), up your skin game and hear the opinions of some industry pros. Through it all, the underlying sentiment is to keep your chin up and your heart and soul, relatively, happy. If you feel that pit forming in your stomach, embrace it, acknowledge it and focus on what you can control.

The team and I have been working on an exciting lineup that will begin rolling out real soon. Watch this space and all our social platforms for updates. I hope it inspires you, makes you laugh and motivates you to keep pushing forward. Slide into my DMs and tell me what your struggles have been. Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Talk soon.

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