Belting Your Pillow Latest Style Trend On Instagram
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Belting Your Pillow Is The Latest Style Trend On Instagram

Your regular pyjamas and slip dresses are too passé


Lately, many of us have been hopping on the trend bandwagon with TikTok videos or connecting with loved ones through virtual movie nights to keep us going. Transforming a pillow into an outfit is one such challenge. Odd as it may be, it’s interesting to see the many combos people are coming up with! Thousands of people have embraced this style trend, including big names in the industry: Brittany Xavier, a TikTok influencer said, “I didn’t want the pillow to look too sexy like lingerie, but rather more of a structured mini dress. I thought it was a very cool look and the belt pulled everything together, literally.” It turns out no matter how impractical it seems, it has got an element of chic you can.not.ignore.

Here are a few ways on how to pull this off:

Pair a simple pillow with an intricate necklace and your fave boots.

If one cushion feels mainstream, go for two!

You can keep it very real by styling this innovative naked dress with your quarantine essentials (think eye mask, a glass of wine, etc.). #doitforthegram

Keep matters sexy with a faux fur poofy cushion

Get your quarantine partners involved to make it endearing and memorable. Bonus:  wear matching headbands for double the fun!

While pillows are leading this challenge, bed sheets are also getting their round of fame through influencers and style enthusiasts.

Some designers, like Viktor and Rolf, are known for their ‘woke up like this’ runway pieces, and, who knows, maybe they’re the inspiration behind this pillow challenge.

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