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A Cosmo Girl’s Guide to Celebrating Avurudu In Quarantine

A message of hope, peace, love, and prosperity

The Koha sang his song this year, unaware that the world’s not what it once was. Usually, the shops would be bustling with people and you’d hear the merry festivities of the numerous Avurudu activities at every corner. The girls clad in the traditional redda-hatte and the boys in sarongs of many vibrant hues, the scent of kavum and kokis in the air. Astrologically, when the sun migrates from the Meena Rashiya (The House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (The House of Aries) indicating the conclusion of the harvest season, it is the beginning of a new year. 

We didn’t get to see the trees blossoming with the seasonal Yak Erabadu flowers, or hear the distant rhythm of the raban, but celebrating Avurudu should be at the top of our bucket list. There’s no better time to celebrate hope, love, and prosperity than when the world needs it the most. 

Do your annual pre-Avurudu spring clean

Painting the walls may not be realistic right now, but make sure to tidy up and put everything in order. If you have some time to spare, you can put up decorations to feel the Avurudu spirit! Mop the floor, change your bed linen and even tidy yourself up. Give those legs a good shave (if you’re the type of gal who normally likes to be hairless. if not, that’s fine as well), and glam up a little to celebrate the festivities. 

Attempt making whatever kavili or sweetmeats you can, at home. 

Try your hand at cooking up some kavili at home. Take it from us, there’s something extra special in that homemade kokis you won’t be able to get from your regular store-bought ones. Click here, for some simple quick and easy recipes you can make at home. If you don’t have the ingredients, don’t fret! We can still celebrate Avurudu with a microwaved mug cake along with your traditional milk rice and plantains.

Observe the rituals. 

If you’re someone who believes in nakath or auspicious times, you can follow the rules to every minute detail. If not, you can take it at your own pace. Especially since this year, the auspicious time is well into the night. Further, the favourable colour to wear is white. Thankfully, it’s something all of us can find at home. It may be loaded with superstition, but what’s the harm, right? So do it anyway! 

Making your milk rice. 

If you live alone, you can still make milk rice for one and watch the milk boil over (it may be a messy situation but, it’s worth it) while listening to your fave Avurudu tunes on the radio. If you live with your loved ones, gather around the stove or your makeshift traditional hearth to rejoice in hope and prosperity. 

It’s not much compared to other years, but it is certainly just as important, maybe even more so. So take this time to self-reflect and celebrate with your loved ones. 

Happy New Year, Cosmo girls! 

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