WFH outfits dress code: tips and ideas for productivity
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The Work-From-Home Dress Code

Your outfits are about to get way cooler with these tips and tricks!

Working from home is the new norm since most of us won’t be going back to our office spaces anytime soon. Hustling from our little apartment desks may not always set the right mood. But, the good news is what you’re wearing can help you out — a study at the University of Hertfordshire asked a group of people to wear a Superman t-shirt and concluded that they believed they were stronger as a result. Professor Karen Pine, who led the research, said that dressing like a super hero had translated into more confidence. If you were looking for a perfect reason to dress up to WFH, then you just read it! Now, scroll up to see our tips and some practical outfit ideas to boss it up at home.


Pyjamas are a big no!

Before you sit down to reply to your emails in the morning, shower and change from your sleepwear. This is mainly because you might end up feeling way too relaxed to work. And, what’s more, during your video calls, wearing something as inappropriate as your jammies can be worse than a productivity bummer. You’d be setting the wrong tone with the people on the other end of your call.

Admit that business on the top and party on the bottom can turn out to be a disaster

While it’s tempting to wear your striped shirt and cheeky panty bottoms during video conference calls, it’s also risky if you happen to get up during an emergency like your child falling off the bed or you almost spilling your coffee on the computer. You don’t want to flash your colleagues, boss or clients, do you?

Don’t forget to get cosy

Longing for productivity and professionalism is great, but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise the comfort of home. During these stressful times, dressing down when WFH is completely alright as long as it’s not inappropriate or distracting.

Don a cool accessory

While this might feel totally unnecessary, it can make you feel like you’ve got this! Even if you think sunglasses will help (a la Anna Wintour), go for it!  

Fancy specific colours

Looking at warm, bright hues, such as red or pink, releases dopamine—known as the “feel-good hormone”—and can boost your mood and even heighten your attention span. Cool blues, on the other hand, have been linked to the release of oxytocin, making you feel calm.

Outfit Ideas:

Your high neck collar linen top and tailored pants will make you feel like you’re ready for serious business. Go sleeveless in a blouse that’s a lighter shade for extra comfort.

working from home outfits

2. Given the heat level these days, we don’t recommend wearing jeans without an aircon in your room, and if you do, consider the ripped ones. Stay polished with halter neck tops. 

WFH outfits

3. Put your patterned pants to regular use with your skinny and gold-plated accessories. It needs to be form-fitting but not too tight.

working from home outfits

4. Wear your side-cleave dress and belt it up around your waist. To level up the energy of the ensemble, pick a bold print for your belt.

WFH Outfits
Subject’s Own

5. Stay connected to your blazers by sporting a satin co-ord that will work everywhere from your bed to desk. Finish the look with a watch for oozing confidence.

WFH Outfits

6. French tuck your basic tee into a midi skirt, and you’ll be ready for your big virtual meeting in a matter of seconds. Also, you can go for a chained necklace that’s either dainty or chunky — the choice is yours.

working from home outfits

7. Cropped blazers are so in and it’s a shame we can’t wear them out rn. That shouldn’t stop you from pulling them off with either a pair of comfy shorts or trousers.

WFH Outfits

8. One-shoulder tops are effortless statement pieces that will make you look and feel great.

working from home outfits

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