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Cosmo SL’s Guide To Staying Sane During Social Distancing

These tips can keep you going!


The COVID-19 pandemic has made us question the global health security and forced millions to stay indoors and social distance as there’s not a better way to slow the spread of this virus. Having said that, being quarantined brings a level of uncertainty on all facets of life—routines are being thrown out the window, work is disrupted, non-existent social lives and a fear of what the future holds. The thing is, it’s okay to feel worried, anxious, scared and/or bored! But remember, this too shall pass and we can, hopefully, look toward a better future. To keep you sane during this difficult time, here’s what we suggest you do.

Working/Studying From Home

Thanks to the digital age, working from home is a reality, but this isn’t new to digital nomads. This might not be as easy as your normal routine, but when effectively used, it can be pretty beneficial

Create a schedule

The night before, prepare your to-dos for the next day. Slot in any calls or video meetings, allocate time to cook and eat meals, breaks and working out. Include a firm time to stop working, so you don’t burn out. Assign times for fun too. It’s easy to over (or under) work so watch out for this by balancing work and play.


Have a designated work spot

If you’re working (or studying) from home, allocate a specific area to do so. Keep this area stocked with anything you might need like writing materials (snacks also work!).


Take regular breaks

Sitting in one spot will do you no favours, so if you think you need a nudge to get up now and then, pop in a few reminders on your phone at different intervals. Use this time to stretch your legs, take a bathroom break or enjoy that glass of apple juice to distress.



This is easy to forget but very important that you do. Commit to drinking a glass of water at least every hour. If you’re bound to forget, there are plenty of great apps that serve as a reminder to drink a glass of water. Alternatively, use the reminder tool on your phone and slot this is in too. No one’s going to take care of you so you need to do it yourself!


Work on things that excite you

Sure you have the mundane items that need to get done, but this doesn’t mean you can’t allocate time to work on projects that excite you—maybe it’s a business plan for your side-hustle (now’s a great time to dot your t’s and cross your i’s) or a project you’ve been meaning to start. Whatever it is, stimulate your mind and it’ll help you look forward to a better tomorrow (as cliché as that may sound!).


Figure out what works for you

Some like working in complete silence while others need something going on in the background. Turn on your TV or up the volume of your music to keep you going. Need a nap to refresh you? Must clean your space before you get down to business? Do it. Whatever helps you stay focused.



Taking your mind off from thinking about Coronavirus or work is key during these difficult times. So don’t forget to give yourself some extra lurve — all you need is a laptop (or PC) and a good wifi connection!


We can’t be more thankful for the digital age as without that life could be even more miserable rn.

TV/movie streaming apps

Hi Netflix, we see you! With its plethora of shows and movies in vast categories, it’s safe to say the entire Cosmo team thrives on Netflix. So binge-watch Friends, Suits or The Blacklist on repeat or catch new shows to switch things up. If you and your friends are following the same TV series, consider setting up a group chat to debate theories and what will happen next!’


Learn new things

Keep yourself occupied with learning new things online like learning to run a business, fashion designing or a new language. Sites like coursera.org, skillshare.com and edX.org offer both free and paid courses you can do online. YouTube, too, is a great space to study new things or watch vids from interesting personalities like Alexa Chung. Keep the momentum going by turning skill learning into a habit.


Game a little

If you’re a gamer, then keeping yourself entertained may be fairly easy. The games offer a solution to hanging out with friends and family while still maintaining guidelines on social distancing.


Host a party for one

Put your best clothes on and throw a party for yourself (and/or whoever lives with you). Pop open a drink, put together a delish grazing platter, turn on some groovy tunes and enjoy your own company!



Digital detox is vital during this time. Being informed is excellent however being hooked onto every breaking piece of news isn’t the answer. 

Break out the board games

From Scrabble to Monopoly to Cards Against Humanity to Trivial Pursuit, the options are vast. If you have family living with you, this is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together.


Household chores

Who said cleaning can’t be both therapeutic and entertaining? Clean out your cupboards, rearrange…whatever floats your boat. By time the COVID-19 blows over, you’ll be the new Marie Kondo!


Learn offline

Want to be an actor? Act in front of the mirror and practice your fake Oscar’s speech! Teach yourself an instrument like the guitar or ukulele.


Up your skincare game

Let’s be real, we all want great skin but with the busy lives we lead, there really isn’t a whole lot of time. But, now that you do have nothing but time, give your skincare routine a whole new upgrade!



Staying active is important, both mentally and physically. It’ll help keep you to continue looking great and keep your mind sharp. Take a jog around your block (when it’s not curfew, folk!) or follow one of the many YouTube fitness videos available.



Elevate your self-care game with a long shower complete scented shower gel and jazz music.



…Anything and everything—it’s a great escape. Catch up on all the books you’ve purchased but never read (hi, books from sales!). If you’re not typically an avid reader but would like to become one, set aside an hour a day to read a chapter or two. If you do it every day, it will become a habit.


Staying Connected

Keeping your distance from loved ones doesn’t mean you stop communicating. So checking in and reminding each other this will be over soon is highly encouraged.

Phone calls

Take a leaf out of Ellen DeGeneres by cold calling your friends. Keep in touch with family who live away with a daily chat to ensure everyone is doing okay. Make a list of friends who you want to check up on and do so daily.


Video chats and Whatsapp groups

Group video calls are a great way to keep in touch with your peeps. Check-in on friends, family, significant others and co-workers during this time with both video and chat groups. Maybe a daily “happy hour” video chat could lighten everyone’s mood!


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