Get up and close and personal with Yadhushika Radhakrishnan
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Get Up Close And Personal With Yadushika Radhakrishnan

She knows her stuff.


Yadushika Radhakrishnan, is the Founder/Creative Director of Aesthetiq, a photographer and art director. Here, she reveals the secrets to her style.

  1. My fashion motto is to wear whatever that I’m comfortable in.
  2. What are the fashion statements you dislike? I believe everything has its own style to it.
  3. The change I would like to see in the fashion industry is diversity among all colours, sizes, and skin conditions. For instance, the reason you have acne shouldn’t exclude you from any opportunity.
  4. The best tip for a fire selfie is knowing your angles. Turning your bone structure towards the light can lead to great pictures.
  5. My motivation mantra is: “10 years from now, you’ll be proud of yourself, so do it now.”
  6. What makes collaborations work: Equal effort from everyone.
  7. If you’re camera-shy, my top piece of advice is to be present.
  8. The designer who never disappoints is Sabyasachi 
  9. The country I would love to move to is New Zealand because the creative industry there is known to be quite progressive.
  10. The biggest challenge in my career comes from being a woman. The industries that I’m involved with (photography and jewellery) are male-dominated by nature, so the opportunities laid in front of me are few. They undermine me because I’m a woman.
  11. My vision revolves around being able to inspire other people.
  12. My top beauty secret is to drink a lot of water. Works for me!

This article was originally published in the March 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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