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Cosmo SL’s List of Date Spots in Colombo

Places totally worth falling in love with


V-day may be over, but the quest to find places to dine with boo or the guy you just met still remains. Let’s be real; it’s tough to zero in on locations that have great ambience, good food and even better service. Often, our minds go totally blank! So we’ve put together a list of our favourite dining spots in Colombo to help you make swift decisions with very little discussion between you and bae.

Villa Raha

This all-day brunch place is ideal for a little daytime romance with its swings, fresh flowers, fairy lights and more. And their food… oh, their food—from their classics like pancakes and specials like brioche French toast plated to perfection—will have you drooling for more! What’s more, their extremely helpful staff will leave you with no doubts about revisiting this dreamy restaurant.

Spend: Rs. 1,500 per person (which isn’t at all bad for all the offerings you get.)

colombo date spots

Zylan Restaurant

Got a Japanese food lover by your side and you’re no different? Then Zylan could be your go-to option for a reasonably priced offering. Sit by the pool or on a breezy rooftop with canopies and enjoy service that’s fast, along with food so yummy you just might end up digging into your partner’s bowl too!.

Spend: Nearly Rs. 2,000 per person.


Black Cat Colombo

Having trouble getting boo to coming over to your place for a cup of coffee? Fret not for Black Cat gives you ah-mazing coffee with mellow jazzy tunes to boot. The food menu is well-curated with culinary specials like Seoul Sister (a burger made with Korean Fried Chicken) and The Dude (a beef burger made with an Australian beef brisket pattie).

Spend: Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000 per person

colombo date spots

Cafe Mocha

Probably the coziest one on the list (I’ve been known to spend a fair amount of time here!) to bond over a plate of fluffy waffles and catc up on your latest TV show. The staff are quite flexible with the menu and will go that extra mile to make sure you have a memorable visit.

Spend: A minimum of Rs. 500 (isn’t this every broke couple’s dream?)

colombo date spots

Seed Cafe

Yet another one for brunch lovers, and a first for those who are on the lookout for affordable vegan dishes. With their friendly service and soothing interior, it’s ideal for low-key first dates.

Spend: Their crispy pesto chicken bagel burger served with a side of baked potatoes will cost you around Rs. 1,000!

Vista’s Lounge at Mövenpick Hotel Colombo

Who can say no to a dining experience right under the sky? At Vistas, you’ll be able to enjoy the Colombo skyline complete with a bit of the Indian Ocean and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spend: A meat platter for two plus drinks works out to about Rs. 2,000.

colombo date spots

Wayside Thai Cafe

Fancy yourself a plate full of tasty Thai food at a low-key joint? Then Wayside Thai cafe is the one.

Spend: Their prices start at Rs. 400 (and it’s value for the money!)


Dutch Burgher Union

Typically known as the restaurant your parents went for those delicious lamprais and homemade ginger beer, DBU can be far more. The food is so homely that it would make you feel comfortable enough to strike interesting conversations with your date.

Spend: The per person cost is between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,000.



For those who want to go on a perfect pizza date, we recommend Giovanni’s. The toppings are filling, flavourful and juicy. The wait staff are courteous and make it a point to ask whether you’re enjoying the food. The charming interiors (both indoors and outdoors) are a perfect add-on to a romantic night (we adore the bricked walls and vintage pieces).

Spend: A pizza costs around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000. Bring your own wine or beer to enjoy the evening even more! (Yup, there’s no corkage fee)


Sushi Kai

Bond with your Significant Other over sushi on a budget. The staff are very accommodating and will make sure to not keep waiting for your food.

Spend: The price points are attractive too; you can have a big bowl for Ramen between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.


Wanna drink and get cosy with some good music in the background? Then, is the spot to be at. The drink list is considerably cheaper than most bars in Colombo, and the bites are delicious and worth each rupee you pay.

Spend: The menu has options well-below and above Rs. 1,000 to cater to different bank balances.


Kava Island Bar

The groovy bar, with quirky drink choices and Mexican delicacies, can be where you meet the love of your life. This can be ideal for first dates as the retro interior and interesting “potions” are great talking points.

Spend: The cost of their best drinks start from Rs. 1,200 upwards and they’re selection of bites and desserts are under Rs. 1,000.


Shangri La Hotel, Colombo

It’s C-town’s favourite hotel to visit — their hospitality, generous service and unbelievable offers will have you all warm and fuzzy inside! With a range of different dining experiences, you can’t go wrong irrespective of your selection. Our personal faves are the Capital Bar and Grill and the Saffphyr Lounge.

Spend: Satisfy your BBQ pork cravings for Rs. 2,950 at Capital Bar and Grill. At the Sapphyr lounge, enjoy the best hot chocolate or a nice high-tea evening worth Rs. 3,500 for two.


Sugar Beach

Head here for an ideal sunset date. They will serve you great pasta and fresh cocktails for a decent amount. The staff are super friendly and flexible enough to accommodate your crazy requests like pizza for breakfast (guilty as charged!).

Spend: You’ll find something wonderfully delicious between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000. 


Kiku Colombo

This is the ultimate modern Japanese café in Colombo. Why? It’s minimalistic, the food is a perfect fusion between modern dishes and Japanese flavours like matcha (they have the basics like chocolate too, obvs), and the interior has Japanese references incorporated into the details. Their burgers set the benchmark high for other burger joints here.

Spend: The burgers cost Rs. 1,500 and you’ll feel like you had two full meals.

colombo date spots

Tayo Bear

Petting dogs during your date can help take your relationship to the new heights, especially if it just started (and if you both love dogs, naturally!). Swing by here if you’re a couple who already has a dog or love doggos in general. We recommend their prawn toast and hot chocolate.

Spend: Easy on the wallet, their prices range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500.

colombo date spots

Dolce Italia

The food is so rich in flavor and each portion is very filling. Despite this, you wouldn’t want to share it with your date!

Spend: A little on the high side (approximately Rs. 1,750 for a pizza), but well worth the splurge!

date spots Colombo

Cafe Nuga

Here, they serve generous portions of healthy food. The ambience is peaceful and ideal to wind down after a long day together.

Spend: They have an impressive array of desserts for a decent fare that starts from Rs. 450.

date spots Colombo

Revolution Colombo

One of the latest hotspots in town, stop by Revolution Colombo for modern Mexican fare. It’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you won’t regret the visit to savour the food dishes here.

Spend: In case you have a change of plans, there’s an infinity pool for which you need to pay around Rs. 1,500, redeemable on food and drinks.    

date spots Colombo
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