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Sit Down For Tea With Little Miss Shortcake

Forget prim and proper. She’s all about sweet, fun and messy!


Taking a gap year to focus on her baking was all it took for Ashmita Wijesinghe to get her home-based business thriving. While her hands get busy with cakes late at night which she started to keep her brother from eating her cakes, she keeps her mind busy throughout the day thinking of different recipes she can experiment with. Specializing in fruit-based flavours, her passion fruit cake and love cake are all-time favourites, but if you’re a chocoholic like me, her chocolate mud cake is the definite go-to. With the idea to create an assorted food box as a monthly subscription delivered to your doorstep in the near future, she’s also looking at innovating new recipes that will help her introduce a healthier range encouraging people to be more health-conscious. 

Behind The Gram

Inspiration To Start: 
I was always interested in travel and living. Baking runs in my family but my main inspiration was Nigella Lawson.

Story Behind The Name:
It was a nickname given to be one of my close friends which also describes my personality well.

Turning Point Of The Business:
Bakesales – I started off at Colombo food festival and a lot of publicity came in. As a home baker I believe social media is key and you have to keep at it. 

Can’t Do Without Ingredients: 
Egg – Many of us don’t understand the science behind it but eggs are vital for texture and weight.

Craziest Flavour Experimented: 

I specialize in messy and fruity cakes. My passion fruit cake is something that my customers keep coming for. 

Pet Peeves In The Kitchen:
I need all my ingredients to be there before I start. Even if one ingredient is missing, I’ll go get it before I start. Ingredients are everything.  

Your Favourite Thing About Baking:
It’s relaxing. It makes me happy and I feel really good when I bake. 

Your Plan For The Next Five Years:
I want to make my cakes and sweets healthy, vegan and sugar-free. I want to encourage everyone to be health-conscious. 

Why Should Customers Come To You:
Quality and taste without a doubt. 

Your Biggest Challenge:
At the start, some people would place orders, request that I keep it on hold and not turn up. I’ve lost quite a few orders that way so I realized that I need to take an advance to make sure I don’t get played. The starting point was a challenge but I learnt along the way. 

The Next In Line On The Menu:
I want to do a twist and try a savoury cake. Who knows, it might be interesting. 

The Go-To Destress Method:
Music. I can’t do without music. And then I turn to flavoured tea as well.  

A Word Of Advice To A New Baker:
Life is full of challenges. Be open to learn something from your mistakes and move on. 

A Message To A Potential Customer:
You have got to try Little Miss Shortcakes. You have no idea what you’re missing!

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