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Put Your Thoughts On Dough With The Doughnuttery

Who needs love letters when you have doughnuts


Amaani and Aliza Ismail, two sisters who started with nothing but a chart of doughnuts hung in their bedroom for motivation, is now at a place that they themselves didn’t believe were possible. With big dreams ahead of them, they persistently wake up each day to create something different and unique with persuasion and passion. If you’re looking for a special way to send a message to someone you love, I suggest you try their letter doughnuts that will be custom made just for you, but if you decide to go with their infamous doughnut bouquets, don’t forget to include their mouth-watering cookie monster waiting to give you a sweet surprise.   

Behind The Gram

How It Began: 
My obsession with doughnuts was really bad. I have even cried for doughnuts in my life and my sister Aliza always wanted to start something of her own so she took my obsession and turned it into a business. —Amaani 

Craziest Customer Request: 
Once a customer wanted perfectly aligned doughnuts accurately measured with a ruler

Biggest Pet Peeve: 
Water on the floor 

Best Distress Method: 
Have our own chocolate ganache doughnuts

Biggest Challenge: 

Story Behind The Name:
So we initially started it with a weird name called Guda Glaze but later on we found out that it doesn’t really make sense. So we changed it to something more relevant. 

Five-Year Plan:
We’re thinking of setting up a place specifically for doughnuts in Sri Lanka.  

Secret Ingredient:
A lot of patience. The doughnuts have a mind of its own and we simply have to be in our best mood to ensure the final product is perfect and our love for food. 

The Favourite Thing About Baking:
We absolutely love customised orders. We were always good with art and crafts since kids and we love creating art in our doughnuts. 

Can’t Do Without Ingredient And Tool:
Flour and a frying pan; there won’t be doughnuts without either of them. 

Turning Point Of Our Customers:
When we started actively interacting with our customers. They were our biggest motivation. 

Advice To A New Baker:
Follow your gut, be crazy and go for it. Remember, never listen to the people who try to bring you down. 

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