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From Anna Mei’s Kitchen With Love

Craving for some love? You came to the right place!


Anna Mei, a mother of three girls opened up her home-based business at a rough time of her life. With her love for the culinary arts and her underlying strength, she managed to come out of it with a fully grown business and a loyal clientele that continues to grow every day. Having started with family and friends, Anna now has big plans to open up a small cafe with a sweet and savoury menu that will change on a daily basis. If that’s not interesting enough to get your attention, try her classic chocolate cake and I guarantee you’ll never be happy with anything else. 

Behind The Gram

Biggest Pet Peeve: 
Having the kitchen to myself. I don’t like anyone disturbing me when I’m cooking. 

First Thing You Do Before Baking:
I would start with yelling at my kids but then I like to prep and have everything methodical before I start. 

Go To Destress Method:
Going for a run 

Can’t’ Do Without Ingredient: 
Butter and Sugar 

A Word Of Advice To Bakers:
Go with your instinct and do it with love  

Baking is my forte but I love cooking, so I’ll experiment and cook anything you ask for. 

Hobby Or A Career:
Cooking is definitely a hobby for me, but my kids want me to take it to another level. My daughter loves cooking too so we’re thinking of starting something of our own. 

Favourite Thing About Baking:
It keeps me going and I found my happiness in cooking.  

Plan For The Next Five Years:
Planning on opening up a small little cafe with my savouries and desserts. I have a different concept where I want to try having a different menu every day. 

Your Biggest Inspiration:
My three girls are what keeps me going. 

Best Memory In The Kitchen:
That is undoubtedly Christmas. The food the beautiful colours and the Christmas tree, the smiling around the table. I absolutely love Christmas.

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