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Enjoy A Cupcake With The Bakestore

Did someone say cupcakes? Me! Me! Me!


Inspired by the first time she tasted a cupcake, Shynaz Thajudeen managed to create a culinary success story with her home-based business specialised in cupcakes and cakes, The BakeStore. Apart from the fact that her chocolate cakes are to die for, her ribbon cakes are also a definite must-have. Baking, which was Shynaz’s passionate hobby, has now become her career path with a future plan to open up her own store. 


Biggest Pet Peeve: 
Untidiness and a baking area that’s not clean. I need this area squeaky clean 

Secret Ingredient: 

Turning Point: 
Baking a sweets table for my niece’s birthday 

Can’t Do Without Tool: 
A turntable is compulsory 

Inspiration To Move Ahead: 
Loyal customers and customer reviews 

Your Specialty: 
I am a sweet table baker, but overall, I mostly specialize in customized cuppies and cakes

Best Selling Product: 
My chocolate cakes and chocolate cupcakes 

Main Focus: 
To create something that is over and beyond customer expectations 

First And The Last Thing You Do In The Kitchen: 
Clean! Clean! Clean! And, clean some more! 

The Biggest Challenge: 
Getting every detail in the final product perfect

Plan For The Next Five Years: 
Honestly, I haven’t thought of it yet, but I would love to open up a shop soon

Favourite Thing About Baking: 
You can always find a way to express different aspects of many things in one creation 

Go-to De-stress Method: 
My phone and music 


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