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Butter Up Your Day With Sugar Nugar

Think you can resist anything if you really want to? I dare you to resist this CBP!


With a small nudge from her brother and a resurfaced passion for making sweets, Nevindi Senanayake gave birth to Sugar Nugar with her infamous chocolate biscuit pudding.  Wanting to be a bit adventurous, she turned to cakes and decided to get her hands covered in butter icing which turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Giving her cakes an extra flair with fresh flowers, her perfectly edged buttercream cake hit the charts in no time. Planning to venture towards the wedding industry, Nevindi is now mastering the art of getting a two-tiered cake just perfect while managing her very own cafe at Nivasa, a boutique hotel in the heart of Colombo. 


Why Should A Customer Come To You:
I make sure every cake is unique to each customer, I really don’t like replicating the same look so I would try my best to change something, even if it’s a minor detail

Process Of Baking In One Word: 
Therapeutic – The process of icing is very relaxing. Seeing the final product is simply amazing. 

Can’t Do Without Tool: 
Scraper – The edges just have to be perfectly sharp and I simply can not do without my scraper Nothing speaks like the edges of the cake. 

Biggest Challenge When Baking: 
Getting even layers 

Request To A Potential Customer: 
Give me time to think about the design and give reference so that I can make sure I give you what they have in mind. 

Story Behind The Name ‘SugarNugar’ 
My friends call me Nu, so I wanted my brand name to have Nu in there somewhere. And that’s what I came up with. 

Plan For The Next Five Years 
I really like working with buttercream cakes and fresh flowers. So my plan is to get into the Wedding cake industry and make it big. 

Turning Point Of Your Business 
It was having the guts to actually start! I started with sweet bars that were called magic bars and people kept asking what the brand is and I thought, you know what I’m just gonna go ahead and do this, and here I am. 

You Biggest Inspiration 
I would say, my customers. It’s a nice feeling to know that something you create is making someone else happy. Having happy customers is definitely what keeps me going.  

Words Of Wisdom To A New Baker 
Just start! I’m sure when you look around and you see so many other bakers and you feel like you aren’t good enough, but you are. So, just start! 


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