Fudgy Fridays To Makes Your Tarts and Special. Nelu Weera

Fudgy Fridays To Make Your Tarts and Pies Special

Bringing more diversity to your bakes


Nelu Weera is an interior designer who has a sweet spot for experimenting and excelling in different forms of tarts and pies.

Message to other bakers: Each home baker has her (or his) unique ways and expertise, so respect each other for what they bake! Buy your ingredients from the startups in the market, who can provide you with the best quality, while growing their business.

The best thing about baking: I find baking extremely therapeutic! I might be tired or in a bad mood, but when I start baking it relaxes me and gets me excited within seconds. What’s more, I’m connected to it so much that seeing a perfectly baked dish is overwhelming!

Baking habits: I often try to bake in the night as I find it more relaxing. Then, I lose track of time and end up baking till early in the morning.  

A misconception about baking: “You can wing it with baking” — Cooking is an art, but baking is a science, and you don’t want your experiment to go wrong. This is all about precision, and there are so many chemical reactions happening that the slightest change in temperature or measurement can drastically alter the finished product.

First baking failure: The first tart I baked was a total disaster; its crust was burnt, the filling was horrible, nevertheless, I still decorated it.

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