The Baking Law Student Is Breaking All The Cake Rules

The Baking Law Student Is Breaking All The Cake Rules

Let's start by giving the cake a personality


Rashmi Dias is a self-taught hobby baker who runs the blog The Baking Law Student. Prepare to drool over a perfect photograph of her bakes!

The thought process behind the name ‘Baking Law Student’: I used to get so carried away with baking that I tended to forget the fact that I’m a law student, so this name is a mere reminder.

On whether it’s a hobby or business: It’s only a hobby and I don’t take orders unless on very special occasions. I had two bake sales last year and was overwhelmed with the response.. Also, I use baking to get involved in charity projects that are close to my heart. The latest one was a fundraiser done in the in the memory of my dog – Project Sally.

Future plans with baking: I have no intention to turn this into a business as I love my job. However, this could be my retirement plan!

Favourite recipes: All my cakes have a personality as each one of them have something distinguishing about them. Here are my absolute faves: The Old-Fashioned which is a chocolate and orange-infused cake with Whiskey. It was inspired by the old-fashioned cocktail. Then, it’s the Irish Italian which is a Bailey’s tiramisu cake and, finally, for the love of fruit curds, fantasy lemon curd and blueberry combination with vanilla.

Baking habits: I practice “quality testing” as I’m that baking enthusiastic who can eat what she makes! What’s more, I always have music and I’m dancing around like I live in a musical film. Finally, I spend more time taking pictures than actually baking.

Memorable baking failure: I’m quite good at hand-beating the egg whites and once I was trying to brag about it on social media. Generally, to prove it, people turn the bowl upside down above their heads. Luckily, I didn’t do it above my head, but I still managed to drop them all on the floor.

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