Expand your taste buds with Lil Bakerr - Hannah Pickering

Expand Your Taste Buds With Lil’ Bakerr

She makes the cakes of your dreams.


Hannah Pickering is the brains behind the C-town’s latest Insta- (and taste bud) friendly home baker called Lil’ Bakerr. Her cakes are totally ‘gramable and will have you drooling for more.

How it all began: My mum is a caterer and baker, so my older sister and I were inspired to bake at a very young age. ‘Lil’ Baker’ was a small business we had as kids around our neighbourhood. I hadn’t planned to make it a business until I constantly received comments, from those who tried my goodies, to make a business out of it.

Favourite recipes: The Scottish shortbread which is a family recipe passed down from my dad’s side. My original chocolate chip cookies which my sister and I perfected as kids are a definite favourite, too!

To all cake lovers: Don’t be afraid to try new flavours. The more you’re open to trying new things, the more your taste palette expands, and, it’s so much fun especially when travelling!

Message to other bakers: You should never feel obliged to lower your prices due to competition or because a customer asks you to; value your work and skills and charge accordingly. Don’t worry about losing customers. You’re opening the door to the ones who really understand and value both you and your product. Also, try new things!

A misconception about baking: That all cakes should be cheap and made fast. It’s not possible to do that when almost every order is custom-made. With the time, effort and ingredients it takes, that is a very difficult request.

Baking habits: Measuring out all my ingredients prior to baking, having 2-4 spatulas in hand at all times, and washing-as-I-go.

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