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A Lankan Girl’s Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus

Hop on board the #StaySafe trend

Even if you’ve been living in the most rural area, out of human reach, you would’ve heard about the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) growing at an alarming rate. Fear not, ladies, it may seem like the 21st-century black plague is upon us, but with modern medicine and a few tricks, you’ll be able to stay safe and still enjoy your day! 

These are common symptoms of the “2019 novel Coronavirus” or COVID-19 you need to be on the lookout for…

  • Runny nose 
  • Coughing 
  • Sore throat 
  • Fever (in some instances) 

The elderly and children have been identified as the most vulnerable groups, so make sure your parents, grandparents, and babies are well taken care of! 


Wash your hands!

First things first, wash your hands regularly and keep yourself clean. Avoid touching your face, especially your nasal area, ears, and eyes with dirty hands, and ALWAYS keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse. You can purchase your sanitizers at any supermarket. Opt for Lifeboy Immunity Boosting hand sanitizer, priced at Rs. 260,  or any other alcohol-based sanitizer.

Please note: Don’t go cray cray and buy all the sanitizers and disinfectants you see within a 100m radius! Leave some for the others! You’re only as safe as the next person! 


Stock up on your herbal teas

If you live in Sri Lanka, you’re no stranger to Koththamalli, Paspanguwa or your favourite cup of Samahan. These immunity-boosting herbal teas will keep away that cold, cough and sore throat. A box of Samahan (10 sachets) is Rs. 250 at Keells supermarkets. You can also drink extra spicy soups, such as the local delicacy Rasam, to cleanse your system. 


Do a saltwater gargle

Yes, you probably hear this every time you visit the doctor complaining about an infected throat. But, do you actually do it? I know I often don’t! But, now is the perfect time to start this fool-proof habit to keep bacteria away. All you have to do is gargle your throat thrice a day with warm salt water to cleanse any germs or bacteria that may have entered your body! 

Take lots of hot steamy showers!

Who would say no to this? Switch your cold water showers to hot steamy ones (with or without bae) to ease those sore muscles! Blocked nose? Steam your face!

Take your vitamins

This is a phrase most Sri Lankans hear about too often, but yet fail to practice. Boost your immunity by taking your prescribed dose of vitamin C’s and other multivitamins. 

Wear a medical face mask

During the first few weeks of the virus coming to light, you may have seen Instagram stories of all your friends wearing medical masks already on board the #StaySafe trend. If you haven’t already hopped on board now is the time to do so. Head to your nearest hospital pharmacy to get your face mask. 

Beware! Some pharmacies have increased their prices due to the high demand by selling one mask at nearly Rs. 300. So purchase yours at a trusted hospital that is less likely to rip you off during these troubled times. i.e. your nearest government general hospital or private hospital


DON’T touch your face

Avoid touching your face. Your hands touch various surfaces throughout the day, so make sure you keep them away from your nose, mouth, ears and eyes to prevent bacteria from entering your body.


Eat home-cooked meals 

Again, we haven’t heard this enough from our mothers! For the time being, skip that dinner date with your S.O, and settle for a simple home-cooked meal both of you can prepare! Not only is it safer, but it is also super romantic. So, enjoy that candlelit dinner and slow dance to your favourite romantic tunes, AT HOME!

PS: This isn’t an opportunity for you to go into panic mode and go on a crazy buying spree. An airborne virus isn’t going to create a shortage of food or fuel supply! So do your shopping as per the usual.  

home cooked meals

Netflix and chill! 

Yes, that’s right. Now is the perfect time to snuggle up in your favourites jammies and binge-watch all your fave shows, especially if you’re feeling a little under the weather. So take a little break from work and/or your education and hop back into it when you’re feeling better. 



Cancel your travel plans

Sorry gals, but it’s probably best you cancel your travel plans for the time being. But, if you absolutely can’t, we hear you. Just follow the instructions below courtesy the World Health Organization to be safe. Plus, this one tip that can help when you’re catching a flight.


According to WebMD, “A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous.” Yup, this is not the first coronavirus to roam our atmosphereOver the past decade, we’ve seen three outbreaks. In 2012, 2014 and 2015 centralising the Middle East region and East Asian regions. But, don’t worry, we’ve survived coronavirus outbreaks we weren’t even aware of before, so follow these tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones extra safe!

For more information, visit the World Health Organization or WebMD



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