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These badass Ladies Are The Role Models You Need RN

Start the new year with the right inspo.


No one can tell you how to live your life, but the right role model can inspire you to live better. We hunted down the spunkiest female celebs owning every step they take. Prepare to be blown away by these awe-inspiring ladies!

Alexa Chung

badass ladies -inspire rolemodels

Alexa Chung is no stranger to the global style scene, and the big names in fashion like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfield have always loved her. Whether you’re into fashion or not, here are a few of the many reason to look up to her:

  1. She makes imperfections like messy hair, and informal interviews look uber-cool. It takes so much confidence to do that, and this is why believing in yourself is all it takes.
  2. Chung is the jack of all trades and a master of all. She is extraordinary as a presenter, model, style icon, writer, actor and entrepreneur.
  3. She’s humorous and everyone wants to be friends with her. What’s more, with her warm demeanor you’ll feel like everything will be alright and it’s not the end of the world. You can now watch this witty (and pretty) woman release a YouTube video every Friday; if that’s not a great weekend boost, we don’t know what is.

Jennifer Aniston

badass ladies -inspire rolemodels  jen

The best thing that ever happened to TV is the show Friends and her character Rachel Green and Aniston IRL are #goals! Here’s why she deserves to be your role model.

  1. She knows how to carry herself with class. When her ex-husband Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie, she didn’t trash talk. Instead, she moved on with her own life. *claps*
  2. The 50-year-old actress has always maintained a healthy body image ever since she was young. Her good diet, yoga practice and youthful attitude are the ultimate takeaways to anyone who wants to age like her.
  3. Jen’s both real and reel life has always been full of romantic hurdles, yet she knows how to handle it well. Whether it’s at the start or end of a relationship, she follows her heart firmly believing: “There are no regrets in life, just lessons.”
  4. Jennifer Aniston always goes beyond her comfort zone and does the unexpected. For instance, in her latest TV series Morning Show, she is seen playing a more serious role than the funny ones we are used to seeing her in.

Ellen DeGeneres

badass ladies -inspire rolemodels  talk show


Don’t you love how Ellen DeGeneres is unapologetically herself? We do too! She can make you listen to her on any day, good or bad. Here are more reasons to love her:

  1. She’s naturally hilarious. Anyone including A-list celebs, any talent, and members of the audience are in for a treat on Ellen’s show. The best part of all is that Ellen knows how to scare her guests without getting on their nerves, which is an innate talent!
  2. Ellen DeGeneres stands up for everyone. Being a queer herself, she has contributed a lot towards the LGBTQ community to the extent that she and President Obama are seen as leaders in the eyes of this community.
  3. The TV host and comedian goes out of her way to help people. Every season, Ellen partners with Shutterfly to help someone out with the vision of making the world a better place.
  4. She consistently sticks to the principle of being kind to everyone. This trait of hers was put to the test when people cyberbullied her for sitting next to the controversial, George W Bush. Nonetheless, she responded saying that kindness applies to all, including those you agree and disagree with. What.A.Legend.

Millie Bobby Brown

badass celebs

If you’ve watched TV series Stranger Things, then chances are you’re a Millie fan. “How can one be so alluring at the start of their career?” you may be wondering, and here are a few more surprising points about the young actress:

  1. She scored the challenging role of Eleven in Stranger Things at just 12. Now, she’s 15-years-old with three award nominations, numerous magazine cover stories and so much attention, yet she doesn’t let her age stop her. Despite not being taken seriously on ocassion, she seems to be slaying everything!
  2. Millie has no formal training in acting—it’s all pure passion and practice that has pushed her career to greater heights. Her net worth has already reached $4 million and is set to increase rapidly due to Stranger Things and Godzilla. Her passion has helped her excel beyond acting into singing and even film production (she’s working on the movie A Time Lost with her sister, Paige).
  3. The British actor doesn’t let the haters get to her. If you scroll through some of her Instagram pictures, you’ll find nasty comments on her style, make-up, poses, and new beauty line, Florence by Mills, but she keeps moving forward by doing more and showing all of us how it’s done.

All of these ladies are different in terms of their vision and ways. What unites them all is their determination to stick to their goals in their original ways. And girl, you are no different, so go conquer all!



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