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Dress Up Your Home For The Season 

It’s that time of the year where you embrace the Christmas cheer! 


I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing about Christmas is the decorations. The colours, the lights, bells and ribbons, they all come together to create something beautiful. No, you don’t necessarily have to be celebrating Christmas to enjoy the festive spirit. There’s no reason not to indulge in delicious food, splatter colour in your home and shower your loved ones with presents. I’m sure you’ve heard, “Christmas is for everyone!” 

So what do you say you add colour to your house and create some Christmas magic this year? Never done this before? Don’t sweat it, it doesn’t take a professional to have a Pinterest perfect tree. Here’s all you need to know. 

Smart Shopping 

Let’s start with the big guy 
Now I know it’s a tradition to go through the snow and cut down your own tree but let’s not end up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. While I absolutely love the smell of fir trees too, I suggest you go with an artificial tree that’s easy to handle and has the ability to stay up for as long as you like. 

Colours are everything    
Once you pick your tree, the next task is to accessorise. But, before you go crazy and pick out all the available colours in the store, decide on a theme. Mix and match and find a set of colours that will work well together and stick to it. (A few suggestions:  Red, green and gold /blue, white and silver /gold, silver and red )

Shapes and sizes
Like I said, a theme is extremely important. While there are many sizes and shapes to pick from, you can’t hang anything and everything on your tree. Well, you can, but if you’re doing it, you might as well do it right. When you’re selecting accessories, stick to shapes that match with each other. (Hint: Avoid mixing round with boxy). Also, keep in mind that the higher you go on the Christmas tree, the smaller the ornaments should be. 

Lights and twinkle  
I know there are many colours of lights that can go around the tree but stick to yellow (for gold, red or green theme) or white (for silver, blue, white theme) lights so that the lights won’t clash with the ornaments and take the attention away from the rest of the tree. The smaller the lights the better.  

The star, gifts and other things         
The next most important element of the Christmas tree is the star that goes at the very top. It has to be the perfect colour and size and have a good grip to stay on the tree without swaying. In some families, they place an angel or a bow instead of a star which works too. Unless it’s a tree that touches the floor, gifts are an extremely important element of the Christmas tree. Whether you buy actual gifts or not, keep a few empty boxes wrapped in colours that will match the theme to finish the look.


Dress It Up 

Now comes the fun part. Take out everything you got and set up! 

Start by placing the tree in a space that everyone can see because, well,  what’s the point if not, right? Right. Turn and twist the branches to make sure the tree is balanced and aligned. Having the branches spread evenly is as important as the rest.  

Once that’s done, start the actual decorating part with the lights as it would be much harder to do once the ornaments are hung. Insert the lights furthest away from the edge and make sure it’s balanced across the entire tree. 

When you get to accessorising, keep in mind to start from the top and move down the tree. Remember the bigger ones go at the bottom. Whatever colour scheme you chose, make sure the colours are evenly spread. Also, please don’t do what our dear friend Monica did and have a good and a bad side to the tree. All sides count. Don’t be lazy, girls! 

Finally, give it a perfect finish with the gifts under the tree and end your masterpiece with the star all the way on the top. 

It Doesn’t End There

Keep in mind that the tree is not the only thing that will make your home look dressed up for the holidays. Christmas lies in the details. You can add a festive touch to all areas of your house. 

Our Suggestions include… 
Add a few candles with poinsettia flowers as a centrepiece for your dining table.
Hang a wreath on your door. 
Fill up a glass vase with Christmas ornaments. 
Add red table mats on the table. 
Tie the napkin on your dining table with a ribbon and place a pine cone next to it. 

The possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to get creative. The magic is created from the details and, together, it can look like a picture-perfect postcard. No matter what colours you chose or what size your tree will be, what matters the most is that you do it together with family and friends. Christmas is all about love, joy and togetherness. So gather around, play Christmas tunes, get some snacks ready and spend the night getting ready for the holiday season.  

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