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Here’s How You Can Stop Avoiding Your Waffle Iron

*Sobs into my waffles*


Let’s be real for a second, you probably only ever eat waffles when you’re not the poor soul who has to clean the waffle maker. In fact, wait till you hear about the great debacle of Cosmo Food 2019: a fusion of cheese and egg seeping into unholy places, lovingly caressing the insides of a co-worker’s iron. I remember tears and wet wipes—and “I’m never doing this again!” coming from a place of utter despair. While we’ve decided that Cosmo’s waffle making days are over, here’s a guide to ensure that you will continue to carry the baton. After all, SOMEONE needs to do the job.


 Step One

…Cry. And then detach the plates (because I’m assuming that you’re cool enough to have a detachable waffle iron). Soak the plates in hot water (don’t even try to add soap, I’ll know if you have). Afterwards, use a SOFT sponge or brush to scrub the plates. If you’ve followed all my instructions, you can now dry your plates with a cloth, and fix it back onto your iron when it’s completely DRY (not damp, you’re not ready to host a wake for your waffle maker). 

Step Two

Let’s be real, you need a backup plan for when the first step fails—invoking more liquid from your eyes. If hot water isn’t your friend, try adding a few drops of cooking oil or vinegar onto a paper towel. Rub your chemically charged towel over places where you find hardened batter. Once you’ve slightly loosened up those areas (it’s science) you can use a soft sponge/brush to scrub your plates again. Viola, it’s clean! 

Step Three

If you’ve now resorted to wailing, I’ve got you boo. If the last two steps weren’t for you, try using baking soda and vinegar. First, mix baking soda with enough water to form a paste (measure at your own risk). You’ll have to apply the paste on your plates and leave it for 12 hours. After your 12 hours are up, sprinkle vinegar onto the plates—it’s recommended that you put it in a spray bottle. Warning: do not be overly generous with your vinegar, you’re not trying to drown your plates. Next, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub your plates. Finally, end your day with wrinkly fingers, as you wash your plates in warm water. 

If none of these steps work, it’s time to invest in a new iron.


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