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Never Have I Ever Played a Game with Cosmo

You’re about to. So, get ready to drink up!

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

Feeling lazy and bored? Sick of scrolling through Instagram? We have an idea! 

Heard of the game ‘Never Have I Ever’? Who are we kidding, of course you have because if you haven’t, girl, you need to get out there a bit more often!

But there’s a catch! This time you won’t be playing with your friends where you drink up and wake up in the morning with a thumping headache. Instead, you’ll have a game night with us. 


The Rules:

1 – Read through the list below of ‘Never Have I Evers’. 
2 – For every time you would usually ‘drink up’, hit ‘like’ on one of our posts. 
3 – For every 10 likes, you are required to snap a pic, upload onto IG (posts or stories work!), tag our page (@CosmopolitanSriLanka) along with #NeverHaveIEverWithCosmo 

There you go! The perfect way to have some fun without drunk dialling your ex. (Big mistake!) For added fun, grab a friend or two or more (more the merrier, ammiright?). But, however you chose to play, a good heart-warming laugh is guaranteed! 

Okay. Here we go!


  1. …Walked in on someone in the bathroom 
  2. …Kissed my best friend on the lips 
  3. …Had a crush on a cartoon character 
  4. …Called the wrong person and pretended I meant to call them 
  5. …Turned an undie inside out to wear again 
  6. …Used someone else’s toothbrush 
  7. …Peed in the pool
  8. …Used a fake ID 
  9. …Snuck out of the house at night 
  10. …Fallen asleep and woken up somewhere else 
  11. …Made out with a stranger 
  12. …Had sex in public 
  13. …Cheated on a test 
  14. …Had a friend with benefits 
  15. …Fallen asleep during sex 
  16. …Gone out commando 
  17. …Made a prank call 
  18. …Pulled a door that says push (or vice versa) 
  19. …Shoplifted 
  20. …Faked an orgasm
  21. …Hacked into the neighbour’s WiFi
  22. …Crushed on my best friend’s S.O. 
  23. …Lied on my CV
  24. …Spilt someone else’s secret 
  25. …Snuck into a movie theatre without a ticket 
  26. …Gifted something out of my own closet 
  27. …Walked in on my parents having sex 
  28. …Made someone else take the fall for me 
  29. …Got caught masturbating 
  30. …Bought a Cosmo mag 

Have no fear! No judgement from this side of the table and our lips are definitely sealed! 

P.S. Don’t forget to live, love and laugh! 


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