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Chasing Adventure With Christina Peiris

One plate at a time!

Christina Peiris never wanted to be a blogger. It all began when her bestie convinced her to create an Instagram account and she started sharing her food and travel photos. “I’d take my time with the photography and editing, and soon began to enjoy it,” she said. When people started referring to her IG as a blog she took it to the next level by launching her blog. It took her a week to design the logo, site and plan out her content. This was three years ago. Today, she’s still just as passionate and excited about the work she does.

Travelling (around Sri Lanka and overseas) has been a part of her DNA since she was a tiny tot, but it took a long time for her to find a balance between work and play when travelling for reviews. “I used to be so nervous about capturing the best shot, and it took me months to learn the art of relaxing while travelling for reviews.”

Christina PeirisBefore Christina heads to a destination, hotel or restaurant, she always pre-plans her photos. This includes where she’d like to shoot and what time of day (i.e sunrise, sunset, breakfast etc). She also preps her wardrobe based on the type of shots she wants to capture. This prep also helps eliminate stress or nerves when she arrives for her review.

Her biggest challenge is working with multiple individuals or companies. Despite being a people person, it can get tough when cancellations happen or meetings don’t start on time. “But it’s helped me grow and I’ve learned how to handle myself in any given situation,” she said.

Like most bloggers or ‘grammers, Christina prefers working with Lightroom to edit her images. “The app has many features: I can adjust lighting, colour and clarity and I also create my own preset filters, allowing me to keep an aesthetically pleasing feed,” shared Christina. If you don’t want to spend time editing, Christina recommends capturing your photos in good lighting. “Put in the effort and taking multiple shots in different lighting to get a feel for what works best for you.”

If you’re looking to do what she does, Christina firmly believes that it’s crucial to remain true to yourself. “Being able to differentiate what it is to be inspired by someone and to imitate the person is important.” Sit down, take the time to brainstorm how you can set yourself apart from the rest and don’t do it for the free hotel stay and food—make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.


Funnily enough, the name “Plate” doesn’t originate from her love for food—it’s actually a nickname her college friends gave her!

Follow Christina Peiris on Instagram! Read more about her here and here.

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