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Yashora Samaradivakara Is Making A Career Out Of Playing Dress-Up

Keep reading…you’ll put your make-up and clothes to good use, fo sho!

Yashora is a beauty and fashion creative with talent that has garnered her a global fan base, and this is what she’s made of…

Posting on social media:  It allows me to connect with like-minded creatives and a supportive follower base.

Picking the right photo for IG: It has to be of high quality and taken in good lighting.

Things to know as a blogger:

1) Don’t focus on numbers, concentrate on improving your content.

2) Do not compare your journey with others.

3) Taking time off from social media is ok when your mental health is at stake.

Famous followers: Colourpop Cosmetics!

Achievements to date: Got featured on NYX Cosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation chart throughout the Asia Pacific! That was big as I’ve never seen a Sri Lankan skin tone represented on a mainstream make-up foundation chart.

Photo editing rules: Don’t overdo it. Do play with different features to discover your editing style!

Photo editing apps: Afterlight, VSCO and Photoshop.

Icons: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Tess Holliday, Chiara Ferragni, and Jackie Aina.

Pro tips on content creation: If you’re in it for the freebies and other perks, you won’t last in the industry. Create content that inspires and fulfills you. In time, it’ll be worth it!

What is the best thing about posting your life on social media? Being able to connect with like-minded creative, and reaching out to a follower base that appreciates and values my content.

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This article was originally published in the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more inspo, grab a copy of our latest magazine or subscribe online


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