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Surovi Salgado’s Taste Buds Don’t Lie

A legit food blogger!

Surovi is a food connoisseur who knows what will tingle your taste buds and she shares everything important about food blogging.

Go-to places: When picking my faves, it’s about the consistency of the food and service. I love anything under the ‘Sugar’ brand. My favourite place for a special meal and cocktails is the speakeasy, Baillie Street Merchants, and London Grill for a good steak. I like my coffee at The Grind, the Kopi Kade, Butter Boutique, and Black Cat Café.

Essentials: My metal straw and my iPhone 8!

Dream dish to review: Wagyu beef steak in Japan

On identifying authentic bloggers: Personally speaking, if you’re genuinely reviewing something without getting paid for it, that feels authentic because you aren’t obliged to write something good. When you’re paid for it, you have to focus only on the positives.

Social media and career: I was recruited through my blog. Anyone has a good chance to score an interview with a profile that’s well curated with positive and chirpy posts.

Pro tips on content creation:  Always make sure it’s accurate, clear, and well-researched. If you post about a dish with the price, you need to make sure that it is in fact sold at that price, if you’re writing about different cuisines, make sure your spelling it accurately. It’s all about the tiny details.

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