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Rifga Mohamed Is Spreading Positivity As A Blogger

You need to hop on board this bandwagon!


Rifga Mohamed is a travel blogger who’s got a passion to paint a virtual world with colourful finds. Dying to know what her social media game, I got a sneak peek into what it’s like in a blogger’s world. 

Your feed in one sentence: Vibrant, positivity-radiating snapshots of my coffee-fueled adventures in the sun!

Things to know as a blogger:
1) Find ways to make your content engaging.
2) Post content that fits your niche and style. It’s okay to be inspired by others, but don’t copy them. 
3) Give back to your followers. 

On managing expenses: I look for cheaper alternatives when it comes to flights and hotels. I prefer the cities as I can save on transport, and I do my research beforehand to spend wisely. 

Bucket list countries: Indonesia (Bali) and Morocco

What does your average week look like? Spending time with family, exploring new cafés, catching up with loved ones and creating content.

Do you have a day job or are you committed to blogging completely? I’m currently working from home as a social media executive for a media company in Sri Lanka.

In the future, are you planning to do more to leverage the content you’re posting? Of course! I’m finding more and more ways to create different, unique content. Whenever Instagram rolls out a new feature, I’m always thinking of creative ways I can use it. Creating video is also something I truly enjoy. I’ve gotten a great response for the videos I’ve created and shared so far, so I’m hoping to do more of that in the future!

Achievements to date: Reaching 10k followers sooner than I expected. I’m also proud of all the collaborations, but this exact moment, interviewing with Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka, tops everything else! 

Photo editing apps: Lightroom and Snapseed. 

Pro tips on content creation: Think creatively, interact with your followers, and dedicate time and love to creating—it’ll show in your work.

Picking the right photo for IG: I check how the picture would appear on my feed and keep it colourful! 

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