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Living Your Best Life With Hasna Saleem

‘Cause YOLO, right?

Hasna Saleem is letting us into her little world via her lifestyle photoblog and we’re thrilled to catch a little glimpse into it all!


Hasna enjoys multitasking and she’s found that sticking to a single job often bores her, so from 9-to-5 she works as a creative writer for different brands at Wunderman Thompson Sri Lanka. As the day comes to a close she works on her side hustle as a calligrapher ( on IG). “I take on wedding/event lettering as well as conduct workshops,” she says.

“I’m also what you would call a ‘crazy plant lady’ who hoards plants big, small, prickly, soft—you name it I’ve got it!” She admits she doesn’t have a favourite, but if she had to pick it would be the Monstera Deliciosa [don’t tell her other plants, though!]

Her dad was a boxer back in the day, so sports has always been a part of her life, but basketball is the one that stuck. She’s captained for her school team and played for the Buffaloes Basketball club post-school. “But at some point, life/work gets to you and you have to reroute your exercise to suit your lifestyle,” she explains. She currently [tries to] work out three times a week which includes one yoga session and two sessions at the gym. 

At college, Hasna majored in Fashion Marketing and had an early love for styling outfits and putting different looks together. “If I were to describe my style, it would probably be minimal with a touch of bright, usually a bright lipstick!” Dressing to fit the part is a big deal as it gives her the confidence to be who she is in any given situation.

While not very well-travelled yet, she is planning to slowly change this. She and her husband plan to visit at least one country every year. “Our upcoming trip is to Bali, so await pictures my Insta-husband will take of me, and us, but mostly me!” she laughs.


Hasna strongly believes that social media can be a platform you can be your craziest self: “It’s a stage where you can inspire other individuals to rediscover their craziness hidden within and wear it out proudly!” [We agree!]. Never interested in the popularity that came with it, Hasna created her ‘lifestyle photoblog’ as a means of sharing parts of her life through well-curated content, as well as making new friends throughout this journey.

She’s also looking forward to connecting with new, like-minded people. Ultimately, she hopes that her Instagram feed will inspire young women to live their best life! We can totally get behind that! 

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This article was originally published in the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more inspo, grab a copy of our latest magazine or subscribe online

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