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A Day In The Life Of Tatyana Rajapaksa

Perfect work-life balance, anyone?


Living in the public eye isn’t easy but Tatyana manages to make it look effortless. We all saw those wedding pictures and they were nothing short of #goals! However, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind her carefully curated Insta-feed. 

Over the years, Tatyana has channelled her love for keeping busy towards various projects. During one of her summer breaks in university she developed her own athleisure brand, Xodus. Later on, when she was done cramming for her MBA, Tatyana started her own wedding planning company, ‘Weddings By Tatyana Lee’. 

Despite both her ventures being successes, they’ve only fuelled Tatyana to do more with her time. Putting her business studies and skills to good use, Tatyana is now in charge of the management of the entire Carlton Pre-School chain island wide. 

If you thought this was inspiration enough to stretch your 24 hours, note that Tatyana’s not just about all work and no play. Throughout her hustle, she manages to make the time to travel to exotic destinations both locally and internationally with her hubs and their closest group of friends!  

Fun Fact: 
“Whenever I feel stressed out, I like to take a quick walk around the school. Nothing can calm you down like being around little children.”

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