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Fashionista Chanika Jayathilake Is Keeping It Real!

CAUTION: Strong possibility of becoming a legit fan girl after reading this


Chanika Jayathilake is a fashion entrepreneur who eats, breathes, sleeps style. She translates this passion onto Instagram with posts detailing her outfits, styling tips and more! This style icon gave me insider snippets into her fun af life. 

Posting on social media: Providing knowledge about fashion while helping young women derive inspiration from my style is something I look forward to. I also love photography and editing, which enables me to take better pictures!

Posts/stories followers enjoy the most: Along with my styling tips, people love funny acts, like interviewing my mom with inappropriate questions. 

Beginnings of blogging: It all began when I started enjoying sharing the places I explored/travelled to or what I wore!

Plans for social media: My friends want me to start on YouTube, but instead, I’ll be doing more styling/fashion content through Instagram posts and stories. 

Social media and business: The best part about Instagram is being able to market my products by wearing them! It gives my followers a realistic feel of what the outfit looks like, too.

Fave photo editing app: Face Tune and my favourite filter is ‘Gossip’! 

Style inspo: Sonam Kapoor and Ola Farhat

The right photo for Instagram is: Aesthetic with great lighting — preferably, day light! 

Pro tips on content creation: Be who you are, and, instead of trying to do everything, focus on a few topics that work for you. Be open to the fact that not everyone will like your work and that’s okay!

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This article was originally published as “Stylish Finese With Chanika Jayathilake” in the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more inspo, grab a copy of our latest magazine or subscribe online. 


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