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Deandra Gomes: The Lankan Suitcase Kid

Casually travelling around the globe


Deandra began her adventures across the globe after graduating in New York and moving to London for work in 2014. “One of my friends got me this book called 36 Hours 125 Weekends In Europe and I went and got myself a scratch map and decided to start checking destinations off!” Being at the centre of it all, hopping on a train and traveling around Europe became almost a routine for Deandra. 

Having now covered around 34 countries, Deandra’s spread her wings beyond the European borders. In fact, one of her most recent and favourite travels happens to be the intense 5-day Salkantay trek to Machu Pichchu. Although she makes it look so picturesque and perfect on her bright and colourful feed, there’s a lot of planning that she puts in to make it work. 

With a career in project management, Deandra’s OCD planning with spreadsheets and numerous tabs for expenses and itineraries account for most of the success behind her captivating pictures. The rest of it lies mostly in the hands of her travel buds and kind strangers who politely (yet mostly begrudgingly) agree to capture her travels on reel!

Fun Fact:
Deandra recommends always traveling midweek and searching for flights on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings for the cheapest rates!

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