Confessions Of A Traveling Gelato Connoisseur: Shalini Fernando - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Confessions Of A Traveling Gelato Connoisseur: Shalini Fernando

Always and Forever, Gelato


Many know her as one of the two faces behind Isle of Gelato, serving some of the island’s best in sweet frozen delights in both the Galle Fort and at the Food Studio in the Colombo City Centre, as well as through Uber Eats. But, only her closest friends and family know how much of a travel bug Shalini really is. 

Tagging along across the globe with her mom from a young age, this was when Shalini’s love for jet-setting began. If you’ve come across her beautifully curated Insta-feed you’ll notice that she and her husband/business partner love visiting new places. They enjoy and bask in the sights, culture, history, and most of all, the food that each nation has to offer! 

Their love for travel is synonymous with their own love story as well, what with Suranjan picking one of the most romantic destinations in the world to propose: Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It was during this very holiday that the two realised how a decent gelato would be perfect on a hot Lankan day. Fully committed to their new venture, Shalini took a summer off to study at the Gelato University in Bologna before they opened up their first store in Galle. 

An ode to her strong commitment towards all she holds dear, even with travelling, Shalini’s excitement begins with the amount of research she gets to do on a destination the couple plans on visiting. “It’s the best way to make sure you get to cover as much terrain as possible, without wasting time on commuting back and forth!” 

When asked for a few words of wisdom, Shalini advises being cautious when travelling especially in big cities like Barcelona, Rome and Paris. “Petty theft is abundant and unpleasant. A cross-body bag is your best friend!” 

Fun Fact:
The art director and photographer responsible for Shalini’s feed is none other than her husband. “He’s always telling me how to pose, what light to move towards, where to look away from. You do you boo!”

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