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Striking A Chord With Kavindi Kulasena

Performing for 10,000 people, NBD


If you’re a fan of music, you’ve probably already watched the many covers Kavindi has uploaded on her Instagram page or perhaps you’ve watched her at one of her many live performances. Having always been in choirs and bands throughout most of her musical career, Kavindi has now evolved into one of Sri Lanka’s up and coming solo artists, performing for crowds as big as 10,000. 

Despite being the shy girl who’d always want to blend in, Kavindi’s stint at Ashanthi’s School of Music gave her the courage, training and much-needed push to embrace the limelight. Inspired by artists like Beyoncé, Umaria, Alicia Keys and Pink, Kavindi hopes to inspire young women of the island to be unafraid of standing out, no matter where you want your dreams to take you, be it music, dance or in her case, a dream duet with Gavin DeGraw!

Fun Fact:
Kavindi’s current faves to sing are Naomi Scott’s Speechless and C.T. Fernando’s Kimada Sumihiriye

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