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Diet Right With Hana Niyaz

For a happier, healthier you

The subject of nutrition can be pretty boring, but there is no denying that it’s growing increasingly more important. As more millennials are becoming health conscious, they’re also in need of proper guidance on the subject. Hana Niyaz is making it her goal to make sure as many people as possible understands how to diet right.


When Hana had graduated from school and gone on to volunteer for a NGO, her mentor at the time suggested that she follow something along the lines of nutrition. She then began looking into community nutrition. She went onto pursue a degree in Health Science and Technology, her masters in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics and then got into a hospital setting.

The importance of nutrition should be something everyone is aware of and understands, and Hana, took to her Instagram to try and promote just that. Working in a hospital she realised she’s only reaching a small crowd of people and wanted to reach an audience outside of the hospital, which is why Instagram was the perfect platform.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about certain food items, and if someone has questions they can easily direct message me. This allows for interactions with my audience,” she said. Using Instagram helps expand her own knowledge as well as being able to curate a feed that can be inspiring to other people too.


Through Hana’s experience in Colombo, she’s noted a lot of people are looking for quick, easy ways to lose weight without considering a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. “Understanding nutrition allows you to not completely restrict food from your diet. It also doesn’t restrict you from eating, instead, it helps you find balance in what you consume,” she explained.

Hana ensures that all her posts on Instagram are relatable: “I think that’s what everyone is looking for.” Her goal is to show people what food choices you can make that are both delicious and healthy. Everything she posts is evidence-based: “I don’t want it to sound impossible—I want to make it relatable and show people that it is possible.”


Hana wants to make aware the increasing importance of nutrition in certain disease conditions. She’s looking to post more content in relation to health conditions, like what the perfect meal is for a diabetic or if you struggle with cholesterol maybe not cure it, but how you can control it.

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