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Table For Two with Raayha Lafir & Nadira Cassim

It’s Food O’Clock!

Pamod Nilru

One of the many things the two best friends have in common is their diehard love for food. “We’re just two girls who love to eat!” Raahya Lafir and Nadira Cassim have known each other for as long as they can remember – 21 years to be precise. Within that time frame, they’ve mastered the art of restaurant hopping.

Q/ How did it all start?

Raahya: I’ve known Nadira since she was 5-years-old, we were in class all along and we’d go out every weekend. We love to eat! We’d always take pictures of our food and we couldn’t always post it on our personal accounts. Our gallery used to be full of pictures of just food!

Nadira: We didn’t know anything about blogs, this was just for us to look at. But then people started asking questions, so we thought of saying something about the experience and it just grew from there. It was never something we wanted to start off as a blog – it was more of a fun weekend hobby!

Q/ What is the story behind the name Forever Badagini?

N: We started off with something else actually. We were called “Curry Life”.

R: But one time after a long phone conversation, we came up with the word “Badagini” because we’re always badagini!

N: We both work or study full time! Raahya is almost a doctor and I work in HR in an IT company. So during the weekends, we usually eat at one place, go shopping, and then we get hungry so we go to another place to eat and so on!

Q/ When did you start your Instagram account?

It was around 2015, sometime after we finished our A Levels. So roughly 3 years now!

Q/ How did it grow to where it is now?

When we started there weren’t many Sri Lankan food pages. People used to ask us a lot of questions! “Where do I go on my first date?”, “Where do I take my parents for their birthday?” or “Where is the best this in Colombo?” It grew organically; we never expected it to grow so much. Initially, this account had no other purpose than for our own entertainment. We always said this would never become a job, it would be just for our fun. We genuinely enjoy it!

Pamod Nilru

Q/ Do restaurants request you to come and review them or is it your personal choice?

Both! Most of the time, we go on our own but once in a while if somebody calls us, we’d go. We prefer to do our own thing in general so that we don’t have an obligation to say something good about the place. We always want to give our honest opinion even if we don’t like a restaurant in particular.

Q/ What is your favourite place or cuisine?

R: I know Nadira’s number one, any day, any time, no questions asked is McDonald’s! She lives about 5 minutes away from one and the delivery guys know her house! I love my Thai food, especially noodles.

N: And our fave meal that we have in common is breakfast or a good brunch!

Q/ What are the criteria you consider when reviewing a restaurant?

R: We’d go with our first impression initially; what it looks like plays a big role when you approach a new place. We do research the page before we go, though. We used to go through Yamu before to find a restaurant but now we don’t even need to. From the Explore page on Instagram itself, we can instantly see new pictures of different places.

N: We check the page on Google as well to see the location and the menu. We like to pick what we’re going to eat beforehand!

R: What the food looks like and its taste come next.

N: The service is also very important.

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This article was originally published in the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more inspo, grab a copy of our latest magazine or subscribe online.

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