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A Pocket Full Of Brushes With Hajara Shabbeer

This MUA is here to stay!

Harajara Shabbeer is an up and coming make-up artist, thriving on Instagram. Here, she shares how she got started and what comes next!  


Hajara thanks her parents for her creative genes: “My mom is an incredibly talented artist and my dad is super creative, too,” she shares. At a young age Hajara always looked for different ways to express her art and she started with baking. “You can get different kinds of structured cakes and you get to paint the icing or fondant.” Then when she was 18-years-old, she discovered make-up as another form of art – we owe a big thank you to her cousins – and that’s how she started.

She quickly got really good at doing eyeliner: “All my friends and cousins would come over with their make-up whenever they had to go somewhere, so I could do their eyeliner!” she laughs. Her first professional job was a photoshoot for clothing brand, Jezza, and she realised the few make-up items she owned would not suffice, and rushed to go buy more.


From then Hajara began doing eye looks on herself with her single eyeshadow palette and started posting them on Instagram. “I wanted Instagram to be my gallery, somewhere I would have all my looks.” When she started she never imagined she would get this far. “It started as a hobby and it sort of grew into a business,” she explains. Right now, almost everyone is on social media and Hajara believes it the perfect platform to inspire her audience with good content.

Every budding MUA has her inspirations and Harjara is no different. Her biggest influence is Charlotte Tilbury, but she also draws plenty of inspo from nature and real-life. “I could look at a brick wall and see a red smokey eye!” she says.

Hajara loves the whole process of doing make-up but she especially loves doing foundation. “The base is important, you have to make it look like skin and not make-up,” she enthuses. “But doing the eyes is what gives me the most joy.”


 We can look forward to Harajara’s Instagram changing from just pictures to a little more video too! “I want to focus on video tutorials that are more beneficial to my audience rather than only entertaining. I also want to show young women everyday make-up tricks that are easy to achieve.” We can’t wait to watch and follow along! 

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This article was originally published in the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more inspo, grab a copy of our latest magazine or subscribe online. 

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