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Here’s What It’s Like Watching One Tree Hill For The First Time

“There is only one Tree Hill”


It’s been more than a decade since everyone’s favourite teen drama first aired. To honor the occasion just kidding, I heard Nathan Scott was hotI binged the heck out of its first season, in under a week.

*Disclaimer: Nostalgic tears will be shed. Here’s the opening theme to get you started on the sore eyes. 

Going in, I knew that Lucas and Nathan were half-brothersbut that’s as far as my Tree Hill knowledge went. FYI, there will be decade old spoilers in this post, consider yourself warned. 

Dan Scott is The Worst 

From abandoning one son to creating a monster out of the other, Dan Scott is not winning any awards for ‘Father of the Year’. And I just know he secretly lives at the Tree Hill high school during the dayhow else is he going to turn up to scold Coach Whitey, whenever Lucas usurps Nathan in something basketball related. Dude has major high school blues. 

Everybody loves Karen 

Tree Hill blessed us with Lucas’s mom, Karen. She’s the Queen of Sass, who doesn’t let her insecurities get in the way of throwing major shade at anyone who disrespects her or her son. Watch out Dan, Karen doesn’t have time for your scheming. Did I also mention that she’s a single mother and a business woman? 

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Brooke decides to date  

If there’s one person I’m constantly surprised by, it’s Brooke Davis. Not only is she level-headed during a crisis (when Peyton is drugged at a party), she’s also unapologetically herself. It was devastating to see Lucas (her first serious boyfriend, FYI) cheat on her with her best friend. #brookedeservedbetter

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My baby😭😭😭 #OneTreeHill #BrookeDavis •4×13•”Pictures of You.”

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Lucas makes a decision…

…to run away and shave his head. I thought Ryan and Marissa from The OC were dysfunctional, before I met Lucas Scott and his decision-making skills (read: Peyton-Brooke love triangle). After an exhausting season of Three’s A Crowd, Luke decided to move away with his uncle Keith, leaving all his unresolved problems behind. That’s real classy, honey. Speaking of Keith…

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Karen says ‘no’ 

‘Big Brother’ Scott spent the entire season/ most of his life, in love with Karen (who can blame him). They had the most palpable chemistry on the show (sorry Naley fans). So, no one was more disappointed than me, when Keith proposed and Karen kindly declined. Of course, then he had to run away with his nephew. I’m beginning to see a trend among the Scott’s. 

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“I love you. Always have.” Ugh I love them.😍😭 #onetreehill #oth •1×06•”Every Night is Another Story.”

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Nathan started off as a jerk (just look at the man who raised him). He was a bad boyfriend to Peyton, and I didn’t think he’d be good enough for Haley. But if Darcy can change for Elizabeth, Nathan sure did strive to be a better person for his end of season wife. You heard that right. 

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“Don’t say I never gave you anything.”💛 •3×22•”The Show Must Go On.” #OneTreeHill #Naley #ICONIC

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“I’ll miss you, little brother” 

Forget Naley, I’m here for Lucas and Nathan. Even though they spent more time talking with their fists, they had the potential to grow as siblings. When Nathan acknowledges Lucas as his brother in the season finale (and Lucas, in turn, calls him “little brother”), I knew they were going to be alright (as ugly tears streamed down my face, that is).

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“I could do this forever, little brother.”🏀 #onetreehill #scottbrothers #oth •4×21•”All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”

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Can someone please make a compilation video of Dan Scott talking about basketball? K thanks. 


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