Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka - Achala Lee Koh in Sustainabilty meets style

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Achala Lee Koh And Her Take On Sustainability

You will never stop experimenting after reading this.


We worked with the budding designer, Achala Lee Koh to create an innovative number for Cosmo’s fashion campaign, ‘Sustainability Meets Style’.

Here are some inspiring facts about the designer and how she created the outfit.

  1. Coming from the apparel industry, Achala Lee Koh wanted to use non-degradable cardboard used in packaging.
  1. She made a few mock-ups and cut strips of cardboard to create a unique structure. And, in that process of experimenting, she tore off the top layers, and saw the patterns inside the cardboard and, made use of that to make create an extraordinary piece.
  1. As part of their brand ethos, Lee Koh, wants people to consume reusable products, reducing the waste involved in throwing away products after one use.
  2. The designer is hoping to make jewellery out of cardboard in the future — which can be a cool funky accessory on its own!
  3. Only one box was used to make the top for Cosmo SL, and by the end of the process, there were still leftovers!

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