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You Must Watch Shenelle Rodrigo’s ‘This Is Sri Lanka!’ Video

It'll give you all the feels!


Bona fide Cosmo girl, Shenelle Rodrigo just released a teaser trailer of her trip around our beautiful island (scroll down for the vid). 


It took 22 days for her, Shehan and Yashvin to do it, but it was the most marvellous journey ever! Chatting to Shenelle, she shares that “the days we spent travelling around Sri Lanka was so eye-opening and educational. We learned so much about our own country, and how people live and coexist. When you live in Colombo all your life and take the occasional weekend trip here and there, it’s not the same as being on the road for 22 days.”

“What’s most comforting is how helpful people are and how they go out of their way to help you especially when they know you aren’t from around the area! All foreigners travelling around Sri Lanka say that we have the nicest and kindest people. I only half believed this until this trip, and now I am sure of it!” 

Shenelle, Shehan and Yashvin have had an epic journey around this paradise isle. They’ve had incredible experiences, but when I asked Shenelle what were a couple of memorable moments from the trip, she recounts two stories: “I would say one memorable thing was our car troubles. It was terrifying at the time because we had no idea what was wrong with our vehicle for so long, and it looked like our trip had come to an end by day 3 itself. What stood out the most was the support from the locals whom we had never met nor will we probably ever meet again, but we will never forget them!

“The other memorable moment was when we went whale watching, the guides warned us that they hadn’t seen any for months and not to get our hopes up. But just as we were about to return to land, they showed up! 50 pilot whales, a dozen dolphins and 1 blue whale! That’s the same blue whale in our #thisissrilanka video that you can see diving in. It was magical! The guides were just as surprised as we were, and we thanked God for that moment because it gave us an opportunity to share them on our videos and vlogs.”


Loudly resonating what we’ve all been thinking and feeling, Shenelle goes on to say, “I think this trip is an important one that all Sri Lankans must do in their lifetime! Before this, we’d never travelled to the north—it was just a place we’d heard about. But this journey showed us the entirety of our island, the beauty of its diverse landscape, people, religions and culture. It made us realize who and what Sri Lanka really is. We are an island that has been colonized for 100s of years. Why? Because they knew how precious and abundant this land is. We finally have our freedom, but we cannot move forward as a nation until the people realize what Sri Lanka really is.”

“Don’t wait on mainstream media to tell you what it’s like. Go out there and discover it yourself! The future of this island is each of our responsibilities, and we must play a part in creating a better Sri Lanka!”

This video is just a sneak peek into their journey, but they’ve got weekly vlogs coming every Monday of their #ThisIsSriLanka trip, plus essential travel information and budgets.

We can’t wait!

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