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Jameela Jamil’s ‘I Weigh’ Campaign Is About Life Positivity

Nobody is safe from her love


When Jameela Jamil isn’t acting on The Good Place, you can find her advocating for a life positive movement on social media. 

Behind her movement

If you keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner family on social media, you’ve probably seen them sponsoring detox products.

If it’s team Jameela Jamil you’re on, I bet you’ve already hit the unfollow button on that particular family.

Jamil, who struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager, has always been vocal about the harmful effects of these laxatives — and the celebrities who endorse them.

Describing herself as an actress who has ‘nothing to lose’, Jamil isn’t afraid to speak out against the media and celebrities when she needs to. So, it’s no surprise that she’s calling out the Kardashian-Jenner family for promoting harmful weight loss goods. But when she comes across a post which is objectifying them? Jameela Jamil won’t stand for it.


Talking about it on her blog “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A group shot of grown women with their respective weights posted across each of their bodies, and the post asking what we think of their weights and then asking its followers, ‘What do you weigh?’” 

Her response? Measuring her own weight, in self-worth.

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This post of mine started a mad wave of amazing women posting their own back to me in our revolution against shame and self hatred over our looks, perpetuated by the media. I have received thousands and they are too beautiful to not celebrate. I have started an account called @i_weigh to post them all. SEND ME YOURS to that account! I’m fucking tired of seeing women just ignore what’s amazing about them and their lives and their achievements, just because they don’t have a bloody thigh gap. The link is in my bio but please follow the account so we can start this revolution properly and make the fashion and media industry see how many of us are DONE with this shit. ❤️

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“This is how I measure myself. What I did, how I made people feel and how much I have enjoyed myself” she continued on her blog post.

What she wasn’t prepared for? How her reaction had inspired other women to follow her lead.


A campaign is born

When Jamil realized that she couldn’t keep up with all the women sending in their list of accomplishments, she decided to create an Instagram account for that purpose. They were too beautiful to not celebrate, she told her Instagram followers.

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#iweigh #community #positivity

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I Weigh … 📣 #iweigh

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Today, with 736k followers, it’s a platform where anyone can join in. It’s a community where people are kinder to themselves and to each other. A campaign which asks us to live our best damn lives. 

There is only one rule on ‘I Weigh’: Recognize your value.

Does this mean I can’t have the best of both worlds?

When the account was launched last year, the bio read “look beyond the flesh on our bones”.

Jamil, who’s trying to keep the focus on self-worth, doesn’t want ‘I Weigh’ to be mistaken for a body positivity movement. At its core, her platform focuses on life positivity.

This doesn’t mean that she’s telling us not to enjoy make-up and fashion. She wants us to understand that media’s beauty standards are unattainable. Appearance should just be “one part of your top ten priorities” she says, which is why the focus is on our achievements as human beings.  

You can wear that particular shade of lipstick and the perfect outfit, and still be life positive.

At its core, ‘I Weigh’ is a revolution against the shame and hatred that media perpetuates, Jamil says.

She wants you to be able to love yourself without depending on your appearance only.

But wait- Jameela Jamil is a conventionally beautiful woman, what does she know about any of this?

When she was working in Britain as a radio host, the tabloids decided to drag her for gaining weight. She had just gained 200,000 listeners that week but her accomplishments were subpar to her appearance. 

There’s a toxic environment online and our social media fairy godmother just wants to set the record straight.


Pro Tip: If you’re feeling bad about your body, go tell Jameela Jamil—she’ll come at you with love.









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