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Should Instagram Hide “like” Counts?

If Instagram adds this new feature it’ll completely change the game!


If you’re living in Canada, chances are you woke up to Instagram’s latest test feature in early May. You’d been scrolling through your feed, as per early morning routine (mindlessly liking posts), before spotting the app’s biggest change yet.

At the top of the feed, Instagram notified its Canadian users that they were the guinea pigs for a new update. They would no longer be able to see ‘like’ counts, except for their own.

A less pressurized online environment

If you’re into the constant evolution of social media, you probably knew about this update through the Facebook F8 conference. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri is determined to create a “less pressurized environment” online. By taking away our ability to see ‘like’ counts, Mosseri hopes to spearhead an app which puts comfort over validation.

As a private user, I agree with Mosseri. Anyone joining Instagram is aware that its main feature is the ‘like’ count. What they don’t understand? How effective it is at chipping away at our mental health.   


It’s very easy to be drawn into ‘like’ culture. There’s something addicting about attention, dictating our moods according to how well our content does. We welcome our highs and spiral downhill through our lows. It’s no surprise that many studies have listed social media as a catalyst for poor mental health. We’re too busy trying to win approval, instead of focusing on ourselves.

Watch as we put authenticity aside- and measure our self-worth by how well our content does online!

Of course, I can only speak for one group of Instagram users.

How will this possible change affect the influencers?

Even if you don’t use the app, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘influencer’. Seemingly normal people who promote brands and businesses to their mass followings. You either avoid them, or you want to be them! Brands primarily rely on ‘like’ counts to monitor how well posts are doing. Take that away and where does that leave influencers?


Although Instagram hasn’t clearly addressed this issue, hiding the ‘like’ count might actually be a good thing for influencers. Because they rely on the numbers on each post, their content is not always authentic. Without the pressure of receiving a certain amount of ‘likes’, influencers can now focus on their styles instead of what they think the audience wants (solely based off likes). This means that brands will also need to find new ways to calculate statistics (comments and saves etc.) which might actually be more accurate than the method they used before.

Instagram’s new feature may actually do right by us. But this depends on whether or not they will roll it out to a larger audience!


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