Are You Dating A Younger Man? Read on to learn how to deal in Sri Lanka
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Are You In A Relationship With A Younger Guy?

It's really NBD!


Does he make intelligent conversation? Check. Is he cute? Check. Makes you laugh? Check. Does he get along with all your friends? Check. Is he emotionally intelligent? Check.  Loves to cook? Hell yeah, check! Older than you? Um, no. You can picture your auntie’s lips pursing, disapproval all over her face. But, why is it frowned upon for a woman to be with a younger man, even if said man meets all the other requirements? Let’s shed a little light.

There’s an old South East Asia notion that all young women must and should date (and eventually marry) a boy that’s, at the very least, a year older than her. But, today, it’s clear that most women (and men) are throwing this idea out the window in favour of who they vibe with, regardless of age.

But, why can’t you get with a younger guy?

All any Lankan parent wants for their daughter is a nice boy who is financially independent, decent enough, gets along with the family and can help conceive when the time comes. Chances are, they believe that only older men are independent and have their life together.

Often, your S.O (or his parents) might feel a tad insecure if you’re older, more experienced, and ergo, potentially, earning a higher paycheck than him. At the end of the day, it’s a power play in a patriarchal society that has continuously pushed the menfolk forward to be the primary breadwinner and decision maker in the family and nudged the women back into the home.

With the changing times comes an increase of women not looking for their Mr Right to necessarily be older, wealthier, or more experienced than they are. Hitting it off with a potential partner and experiencing mutual love and respect is far more important than worrying about age disparities. Thankfully, some parents (mine included – thanks, ma and pa!), couldn’t care less about how old their daughter’s S.O is.

Surprising Pros Of Being Older Than Your Boo
  • Statistically more likely to not have to be a stay-at-home mom after your kids are born. After a couple has a child, it usually makes more sense for the higher paying spouse to go back to work. If you’re older, you’re more likely to have a few years more of career progression and money coming in. Chances are you’ll be heading back to the office soon after maternity leave!
  • More likely to have financial independence. As much as you, no doubt, love your partner, everyone wants financial autonomy. You’ll (hopefully!) never have to worry about being dependent.
  • A larger dating pool. It’s true–whether you’re on tinder or dating IRL, you’re very likely to have a bigger dating to pool to pick from should you decide to go younger!
  • More spontaneity, guaranteed. A younger partner is generally more down to travel and explore new places, do new things and, even, move to another country. Not a bad thing, amirite?

You can’t judge a person based on age

A mutual friend introduced me to my (now) husband, and although I’d dated younger before, I was unconvinced when she tried to hook us up, mostly because I’d been burned previously. With a bit of pushing, I reluctantly agreed to let her give him my number. I received an almost immediate text from him.

Still sceptical (yup, I totally rolled my eyes through most of the initial Whatsapp conversations), I agreed to meet, expecting to feign illness or a work deadline and bolt within the first half hour. As it turned out, he was funny and intelligent and we spoke for hours. Fast forward 2 ½ years later, we’re happily married!

Lessons learned: You can never make an assumption about someone based on their age (or lack of!) — you’re better off waiting until you meet IRL. After all, everyone deserves a chance (unless they’re super creepy straight off the bat, in which case, just don’t!).  

He gets along well with your family

Does it matter if he’s younger than you if he fits right in with the fam-bam? 28-year-old Anisha’s* fiancé bonded easily with her family. “Everyone immediately loved him!” she said. “When they first started getting to know him, the usual questions (where did you school? University? Parents’ occupations etc) were fired, including how old he is. When he’d reply, there was often a pause, eyebrows would raise and faces would just look shell-shocked.

“Sometimes the relative in question would move on, others would sit their awkwardly until my father swiftly changed the subject, and a few would look horrified at my mother, their expression clear: How could you allow this to happen to your only daughter? Their reactions were hilarious. But, thankfully, everyone eventually got over it! How could they not? He’s such a people person!”

Star Power: Celebs that have dated (or married) younger

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, former MLB star-athlete give us all the #feels! 

younger man

Madonna has always had a thing for younger men, the most famous of which was obviously Guy Ritchie!

younger man

A decade apart, lovebirds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently got hitched.

younger man

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, and his wife, Brigitte celebrate their 24-year age difference – the biggest in France’s history of premiers.

younger man
Bottom line: It’s okay to date a younger man. Gone are the days when dating an older guy guaranteed a partner who was both financially and emotionally stable. Age is no longer is indicative of maturity and independence. Yes, some people have the stereotypes hardwired into their heads, but shut out the negativity and choose the right man for you.


This article was originally published as “Are You In A Relationship With A Younger Guy? It’s NBD, really!” in the March 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more great feature stories, grab a copy of our latest magazine on newsstands or subscribe here.

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