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Fashionista Shahili Gomes-McCoy Shares Her Style Secrets

She spills her juiciest secrets here.


Shahili Gomes-McCoy (Founder – The Design Collective / Buyer – Gandhara Lifestyle Store) reveals the secrets to her style. 

  • My guilty pleasure is binging on ice cream!
  • The most fabulous things in my closet are my gold Gucci heels and pink pom pom Sophia Webster shoes.
  • Look regret: Once I got a fringe, and it didn’t really suit me. Never to be repeated.
  • The style tips I live by: To be comfortable and dress to the occasion.
  • What trends are you loving lately? I love the comeback of beige and all the other khaki colours as I’m generally a fan of those shades! However, I’m not massively trend-driven so I wouldn’t change my wardrobe as the trends shifts.
  • My top travel essentials include a cleansing balm and lip balm by Sarah London and face mask.
  • My go-to stress buster is going to the gym for an intense P.T. session or a bootcamp class.
  • What’s your message to those who want to excel in their career? Don’t worry about what others think. Follow your gut instinct; some of the best ideas seem crazy to start with. Learn from your failures but keep going.
  • My top shopping tips are to know the purpose of getting something, think about how you can wear the item in multiple ways and make sure it’s of good quality. You need to be creative to get the most out of it. This is good for the environment and the designer you want to support.
  • My favourite fashion moments to date include the time when Priyanka Chopra wore the long trench coat dress to the Met Gala in 2017, and all the recent Sabyasachi campaigns with the colours and sass.





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