Cosmo SL Chats With Renowned Turkish Designer, Çiğdem Akin

Cosmo SL Chats With Renowned Turkish Designer, Çiğdem Akin

The designs were lit!

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With more than a decade of experience and a global reputation in terms of fashion shows and retailing, Çiğdem Akin was super excited to be a part of the Sri Lankan fashion scene when we met her at Colombo Fashion Week.

How It All Began

The journey leading to her fashion line, Çiğdem Akin,started as a hobby when the designer was really young. Then she became a mother and made clothes for her daughters, after which she turned it into a career. Today she has nearly 16 years of experience!

The Story Behind Çiğdem Akin At Colombo Fashion Week


The collection by Çiğdem Akin showcased at Colombo Fashion Week has its roots in the story of Buddha. She first showcased these designs in Paris and London and it was like coming full circle for the designer to showcase them in a land where its history began.  

Meeting Obstacles 101

Challenges were nothing new to Çiğdemas life, in general, has thrown plenty of obstacles her way. All she did to overcome them was to believe in herself and be a go-getter no matter what the circumstance was.

Reaching the Global Arena

The designer believes that it’s really important for up and coming Lankans to meet people and build a solid network! What’s more, she recommends trade shows as the way to get your brand’s name out there. Strong networking along with high-quality work and an active social media can take your business to places.

“Always stay true to yourself.  Each person has their own style so it’s okay not to be like someone else.” 

Words: Sumaiya Shuaibdeen

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