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Fashion Callout – Chassy Cortes

Latest looks, bang-on buys and ways to add cool to your closet by the trendiest fashionistas in town.

Chassy Cortes (Multimedia Personality – TNL Radio) reveals the secrets to her style.

  • Style regret: Wore my mom’s vintage frock with a pair of trousers to a compering event! What was I even thinking?
  • I pull my style inspiration from my best friend Yves Cmng who’s a popular fashion designer. The recent celebrity who wore his clothing was Bebe Rexha. He always inspires me to experiment fashion in unique ways.
  • My go-to weekend look is clothing made of light-weight fabrics like linen with ruffles on it.
  • If I could own anyone’s wardrobe, it would be Victoria Beckham’s because anything she wears is simple and sleek.
  • The celeb most in need of a fashion makeover is Lorde.
  • If I’m not a media personality, I’d be a PR publicist like Samantha from the movie, Sex And The City.
  • My beauty resolution for 2019: Never, ever forget to moisturize!
  • My trick for posing is trying to look up when I pose side-ways so my chin will look elongated.
  • I’m dying to splurge on: Skincare products and print-on-print clothing!
  • My top shopping tips to anyone would be to be patient and dig deeper till they find something they love! By the way, thrift shops are amazing.

This article was originally published as “Fashion Callout” in the January 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more fashion advice, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

Words: Sumaiya Shuaibdeen

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