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6 Ways To Tell If You’re Ready For A Friend With Benefits

It’s easier said than done, trust us!

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A friends with benefits sitch can lead to an amazing time in bed and allow you to explore your sexuality all the while remaining free of everything that goes hand-in-hand with a serious relationship. However, not everyone is cut out to be a part of this modern “dating” trend. If you are in a similar situation or are wondering if it may be for you, consider the following first.

Getting offended if he doesn’t text you every day

The day after you hook up with someone, you tend to expect texts from him. But, if there aren’t any notifications from him, it shouldn’t make you feel sad. Don’t expect a “Good morning!” text or an update on every meal he’s having. Instead, communicate with zero expectations just as you would your friend.

Going on regular dates that don’t involve anything sexual

If you guys are spending a lot of time on cute stuff like cuddling, cooking for each other or anything that’s nice in a non-sexual way, then you should take a step back as this type of constant behaviour can cultivate feelings in one (or both!) of you. This will invariably make both your lives tough AF. It is in your best interest to avoid at all costs!

Getting exclusive with him and expecting him to do the same

It may happen that you find the guy attractive or he treats you in a very special way that lets you get comfortable and content, so much so, no one else is on your radar. When this happens, give yourself a good shake, ‘cause he never told you that you’re the only one he’s seeing. If the thought of him dating someone else makes you turn green with envy, call it quits pronto before you end up in heartache. Also, if you stalk him on social media, alarm bells need to be going off in your head.

Tell the world about it

It’s up to the both of you to decide whether you want to keep it under wraps or let everyone know about it. However, irrespective of your decision, the fewer people you keep informed the better. Some might not understand the nature of your arrangement and you also place yourself at the risk of all the aunties of C-town finding out and turning it into the biggest scandal ever!

Seeing your boss’s friend or any other mutual friend

It is important to ensure that this ‘friend’ has no mutual friends with your social circle. That way, you can avoid any awkward encounters in your day-to-day life. Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong if you chose otherwise, but it’ll make your life easier if you decide to part ways or if anything goes wrong.

Not treating your friend well

The laid-back nature of this relationship doesn’t give you the reason to be reckless about how you act towards the other person. You got to dress up when you have to and respect their view on whatever you two do together.

This article was originally published as ‘Are You Ready To Be A Friend With Benefits” in the November 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more love and relationships advice, grab a copy of our latest magazine.

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