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5 Reasons Why Sri Lankan Girls Fall For Bad Boys

Is your dating history full of bad boys? If yes, here’s why.

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Ever wondered why you keep choosing the bad boy time and time again? We break it down for you

Moves like Jagger

He’s got swag and sufficient game to put Chuck Bass to shame. Instead of beating around the bush to get your number, he’ll swoop in with a “Hey, can I give you a call sometime?” The allure of this kind of confidence is just beyond irresistible. With his charming personality, you can’t help but stalk the crap outta his social media profiles. But, in all honesty, he’s an average guy who knows his poses, dress sense and ways to amp up his look.

Adventure is the name of the game

You’ve probably had a fair number of nice guys send you flowers, but monotony is a huge turn-off, while Mr. Wrong does everything right when it comes to making life exciting. Think spontaneous plans or car rides made interesting with sudden bursts of speed. Then, at other times he’ll go quiet the following day leaving you perplexed. Sure, it’s pretty natural to be attracted to someone who almost seems unattainable or not quite within your grasp. But, it is vital that you place a higher priority on your physical safety and state of mental health and not leave it in the hands of someone who lives life on the edge.

Hormones play a role

A study in 2012 suggested that during the ovulation stage, the female mind thinks that bad boys will evolve to be better partners*. As absurd as it can sound, you probably felt more than the usual amount butterflies and daydreamed about Lover Boy during your period. While it’s super easy to blame your ovulation, being extra careful with your decisions during this time isn’t such a bad idea. If confusion strikes, call up your bestie and let her help you put things into perspective.

The fine line between caring and being possessive

Despite being a strong independent woman, who can deny wanting to be cared for and protected? That’s right, no one. So texts like “Did you get home yet?” or “Drop me a message when you get home” may initially be cute, until it isn’t and becomes borderline possessive and controlling! Let go of anything (or anyone) that are taking advantage of you, as in the end you’ll be left with nothing.

Change isn’t always a given

Over time, you’ll probably realize the guy has a host of issues, but you’re convinced that you can change him to be more loyal and caring. Sometimes, change does take place, but more often than not, old habits will die hard. Bottom line: Don’t waste your time on unrealistic goals and focus on bettering yourself instead.

Chemistry is fantastic, but coupled with someone who may be toxic. If the urge is too strong, consider distracting yourself by working on things that make you feel better. Mr. Right will rock up eventually and even if he doesn’t, you’ll be well equipped to deal with anything that comes your way.

This article was originally published as ‘Why Do You Love The Bad Boy” in the October 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. For more love lust advice, grab a copy of our latest magazine




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